Fireproof One Direction *AU*

"Because I love you!" Yelled Gabi. Niall just stood there in shock and disblief.

"What?" Niall asked exasperated.

"You heard me." Gabi whispered.


1. Chapter 1

Everything started when Gabi got enough courage to ask one of her guy friends, who she’d had a major crush on, to homecoming…

        Madelyn and Gabi were sitting in the bleachers at Niall’s football game. They had just won 46-20! All of the other girls were crowding around the quarterback cheering as the two other girls got up to go congratulate Niall. He was starting to stand up and walk over to his car to leave when Gabi yelled, “Niall! Wait!” He turned around and smiled when he saw them. Gabi and Madelyn looked at each other and giggled. Gabi had to admit he looked even more attractive in a football uniform. 

        “Hey Gabi,” Niall said as his slowed from jogging over to them, only slightly out of breath.

        “Hey, oh, and before I forget, Madelyn this is Niall, Niall, Madelyn,” Gabi said as she introduced her friends. 

        “Hello! Nice to finally meet you Niall,” Madelyn said as she smirked and shook his hand. Niall nodded and smiled goofily in return.

        “Um, Niall, I have a question for you,” Gabi said shyly while looking at the ground, “will you maybe go to homecoming with me? As a friend of course,” She added quickly. She looked up to meet Niall’s eyes just in time to see the happy spark go out and his face turn into a blank expression. 

        “Oh, um,” He started, “Listen, Gabi, I can’t. I’m sorry.”  Gabi could feel a lump in her throat starting to form but she wanted to find out why before the tears came. 

        “Okay, that’s fine. Um, would it be too rude to ask for a reason of why you can’t? Is it because of football? Or-“ Gabi trailed off not knowing what to say as well as noticing the lump in her throat growing.

        “No, I just can’t tell you. I’m sorry Gabi, just please I can’t.” He said, his eye pleading. Gabi couldn’t understand why he just couldn’t tell her. They’ve always had a good connection. Did she do something wrong? 

        “You know you can always tell me anything, right?” Gabi asked looking up at him. All she saw in his eyes were pain.  Suddenly his eyes went blank as well as his face. 

        “Listen Gabi, I just told you I can’t. Now drop it.” Gabi flinched at his harsh tone while Madelyn glared. She felt as shocked at Madelyn looked. Suddenly, something snapped in her.

        “What! Why Niall?! Why can’t you just give me an answer?! ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I just can’t’ doesn’t cut it! Maybe you think I’m being rude right now but I’m not trying to be! I’m just sad and frustrated right now! Don’t you see this? Are you completely oblivious to how long I’ve liked you? Since the middle of 8th grade! I thought that once we went to high school on our own paths it might fade, but did it? No! In fact, it’s just gotten stronger! You don’t know how many hours of sleep I’ve lost over wondering if you had ever liked me even just a little bit! Thinking of all the butterflies you’ve made me feel in my stomach and all of the times I couldn’t think straight when I was around you! 

        “Do you remember how you always said good morning to me when we were unpacking our backpacks? How many times we ‘fought’ over who was going to get our accelerated math folders from the bin and how much we complained to each other about Drone Control on Type-to-Learn. On graduation picture day when I was getting my uniform out of my backpack and you walked up complaining about how your dress shoes ‘hurt’ and you would rather wear my 4 inch wedges. How when we were walking down the stairs you were right behind me and kept saying ‘don’t fall, don’t fall’ and I said ‘If I do who would catch me?’ you looked at me and said ‘I would’ I could’ve fallen then. 

        “When we were walking up the stairs after meditation during religion class and I asked if you could be any louder so you stomped up the stairs and when we got upstairs our teacher asked who was so loud and we laughed as we got our books and ran down stairs to our next class. How many times I’ve looked at my phone praying that it was you and-“ Niall, who had been standing there stunned, regained his composure and cut Gabi off by kissing her on the lips. 

        Gabi and Niall stood there, frozen in time as their lips melted into each other’s. Gabi was the first to realize what he had done. She pushed him back and… smack! slapped him on his cheek. 

        “What the hell?!” Niall exclaimed loudly. 

        “What the hell, me? What the hell you! You can’t explain why you won’t go to homecoming with me and then kiss me?” Gabi said exasperated, ignoring the butterflies in her stomach and the numbing, happy feeling she felt all through her body. Gabi stared to pace back and forth in confusion until Niall caught her wrist. 

        “Listen,” Niall said softly, pleading, while looking into Gabi’s furious and confused eyes, “I know this is confusing,” Gabi glared when he said that, “okay, I know this is infuriating?” Niall said questionably, waiting for Gabi’s approval. He got an eye roll and heavy sigh in response and took it as a ‘yes’, “Just hear me out, Gabi, I only said no because I was scared to fall for you even more than I already have, I didn’t want to be rejected from you because I thought you only liked me as a friend and nothing more. I didn’t want to get hurt because getting let down from you is the most painful thing I could go through. I just didn’t want to get hurt. I could live with you being angry at me and never knowing if you liked me or not, but I couldn’t live with knowing that you didn’t feel the same way,” Niall sighed and looked at Gabi for any sign of a response. Niall had never been good at this kind of stuff. 

        A few minutes of silence had passed when Madelyn, who was feeling very awkward, coughed and said, “Well, I guess I’m just going to go…” She trailed off while backing up. Gabi sighed bent down to sit on the soft grass. She had her legs bent with her head on her knees and eyes staring at the ground. After a minute, Niall kneeled down by her to see if she was alright. He hated seeing her not happy and knowing he had done this had made him feel even worse. “Gabi,” He began, but before he could get another word out, Gabi stood up quickly and held up her hand. 

        “I have a question for you, is it still a no for homecoming?” Gabi said as a hint of a smiled played on her lips. Niall heaved a sigh of relief as he shook his head vigorously and laughed out loud. Niall took Gabi’s hand in his and led her to his car, by this time everyone had already left, including Madelyn who had taken her car and left- it was past her curfew. 
            It was a Friday night and Niall and Gabi had met up with some friends to go to the annual Halloween corn maze. Since there was eight people total, everyone split up into groups of two: Madelyn and Liam, Yesenia and Zayn, Nicole and Harry, and Niall and Gabi. Louis was going to come, but had to go out of town last minute. They decided to have a race; whoever could get through all of the different mazes wins. Last person out has to buy hot chocolate for everyone else. Niall and Gabi set off into the maze at a brisk walk.

        “Okay, well this is going to be more difficult than I anticipated,” Gabi sighed as the came to a fork in the corn rows.

        “Hey, just remember, if we get lost, we have each other’s back and we’ll stick together,” Niall smiled, “also, we could just fake it and stamp all of them at one station!”

        “Or,” Gabi said as she thwacked his forehead and giggled, “We could follow the rules and actually try!”

        Niall mock-pouted but nodded in agreement. So they set off trying to weave their way through the maze. About twenty minutes later, they had already found the first four markers and were almost done with the first maze. “See, this isn’t too hard! We’ve only had to back track about three times,” Gabi said tiredly. As easy as it sounds, walking and weaving through rows of endless corn can be a bit tiring. Suddenly, a rustling came from the corn nearby and a person dressed as a bloody, dead clown popped out and started walking straight towards them. Gabi stumbled backwards in fright; she had always had a phobia of clowns, especially dead and bloody ones. She reached for Niall’s arm instinctively and tried to bury herself into his side, escaping from her fear.

        Niall tensed up and protectively put and arm around her. Gabi felt a little relieved but still terrified. The clown-person then paused and turned straight towards Gabi, who flinched and squeezed her eyes shut as tight as she could, hoping this was just a nightmare. Then, Niall stepped in front of her and scowled at the clown while saying “Not cool dude, can’t you tell she’s scared. That’s sick if you find joy in this. Turn around and walk away.” The clown shrugged and finally, after what seemed like ages, walked away in the opposite direction. Gabi let out a shaky breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding as a sneaky tear fell down her face; not in sadness, but fear and relief both.

        Niall bent down with a look of concern clearly on his face and in his eyes. “Hey, hey, it’s okay now, shh, it’s alright, they’re gone,” he wiped away the tear with his thumb as she fell into him and hugged him tightly. He chuckled as he wrapped his strong arms around her, “Lil, come on, we still have to finish this maze don’t we! Unless you want to buy hot chocolate,” he said, keeping his tone light.

        “Thank you,” Gabi started with a shaky smile.

        “Anytime,” Niall smiled softly as he bent down to look her straight in the eyes, “I’ll always protect you,” With that, he swiftly kissed Gabi on the lips and pulled her towards him. There they stood, in the middle of a corn maze, Gabi securely wrapped in Niall’s warm and inviting embrace with one hand on the small of her back and the other between her shoulder blades. His lips were soft and his breath minty. After what seemed like both years and seconds, they broke apart smiling. Gabi hugged Niall and he laughed quietly. They stood like this for a few minutes longer before they heard giggling and girls shushing each other. Gabi rolled her eyes light heartedly as she turned around to see Nicole, Madelyn and Yesenia peeking out from behind a few stalks of corn. Harry, Liam, and Zayn all looked at the ground guiltily while Niall’s face just turned red as he nervously laughed and scratched the back of his neck.

        “All right you two,” said Nicole, still smirking, “let’s finish the maze so we all don’t have to buy hot chocolate!” Everyone nodded and a few cleared their throat awkwardly before setting off in the direction they were going. After everyone had left, both Niall and Gabi let out a deep sigh and started laughing quietly. A few hours later, Niall and Gabi trudged out of the corn and to the car where everyone was going to meet afterwards. They were surprisingly the second ones there! Yesenia and Zayn had only finished ten minutes before.

        Finally, after forty cold minutes, everyone had arrived at the car. First Yesenia and Zayn, then Gabi and Niall, next Nicole and Harry, and finally, Madelyn and Liam, who had claimed they’d gotten lost. All the guys rode in one car while the girls piled into the other to drive to The Brew; a coffee shop only ten minutes away.

        “So,” Yesenia exclaimed, “tell us everything!” Gabi blushed as the rest of the girls laughed.

        “Alright, well,” started Gabi, immediately having everyone’s attention, she told them almost every detail, except what they had seen. Gabi had just finished right as they pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. The Brew looked like an average coffee shop with soft music playing, tables and chairs, a few comfy arm chairs in the corners, and hanging lights. However, since it was nearing the winter months, they had strung up white Christmas lights all around the walls. There they sat for a good hour just talking and laughing about anything and everything.

        After they had left, and Niall had dropped Gabi off at her apartment, Gabi crawled into bed and fell asleep smiling with the feeling of Niall’s lips still on hers. 

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy it! Tell me what you think!! Thanks!!

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