Victomos (one direction 16+)

" There Is Evil In Every Human Heart..." There is this gang called the foot clan every week someone in are neighborhood dies. First it started with all the people that names started with A and its now at E and my name is Elise And Im The Next Victim..


1. Bad day

Elise's pov

It was just a normal day on class boring math i sighed just then the intercom went on " good morning west high today in the cafe we have cannolis and only cannolis,today there is cheerleader tryouts at the gym,and the detention list is posted up near Mr.Lilia's office in hallway near the cafeteria enjoy ur day" i rolled my eyes i am not going to try out even if i was i would never make it on the team ll i like doing is sitting on the grass listening to music while doing a vocabulary book and word search puzzles " Elise what is 40x10000" my teacher said everyone looked at me i put my head down and tried to calm down my hands started getting all sweaty,my heart was beating faster,and i was feeling hot "well..?" he said 


"shes to stupid and dumb to answer" Jake said i started getting tears in my eyes " no wonder shes a loner" a guy named niall said i grabbed my things and rushed out of class " Elise come back here" my teacher yelled down the hallway i ignored him and rushed to the girls bathroom i looked in the mirror and wiped my eyes making sure i didn't screw up my eyeliner and mascara with my black sweater i sniffed and more tears came out of my eyes just then Ashley and her group came in 

"awe looks like the poor lonely slut is crying " she said circling around me smiling as hear heels clicked against the tiled floor "cats got ur tongue" she said " did u she the video" her friend meli said "what video" i said they smirked and walked out of the bathroom she bumped my shoulder and  " just wait till you see" she said laughing and walked out 

the bell rang and took my books and went to my locker i took my school bag out an headed to my Ferrari no one knew who's Ferrari it was so i always put my hood up so they don't know its me while i got my keys out to start the car my phone beeped with a  video i pressed it " oh hi im Elise the lonely slut who wants everybody's attention please fuck me " a girl said leaning on a guy " ewe gross ur so hideous " a guy said running away i cried and hit the wheel  i threw my phone in the back seats and started the car


                                                                    10 mins later

while i was opening the door my brother louis came down " so how was school" he said "it wa-" before i could finish the doorbell rang  i rolled my eyes and opened the door  i looked at the doorstep to see.. " harry.." i said shocked covering my mouth " hello babe' he said smirking..

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