Boy Band Baby

Louis and El have tried continuesly to have a child of their own but when El. finds out she isn't able, Louis tries to surprise her with the best gift ever.


2. What if...


 H- You can adopt!

L- Wait, what, no!

H-Why not?

L- Just becuz I dunno ill ttyl

H- R u sure ur not a teenage girl?


       "Who was it?" she sighed. "Oh it was just Harry." I replied. "What did he want.?" "Nothing." She squeezed my hand as we finally made our way through the paps and cars. I opened the car door gor her as I took the driver's seat. As we were leaving, we saw a couple with their newborn leaving for the first time smiling and looking so happy. I saw tears welling up in El's eyes and I didn't know what to do so I rubbed her back comforting her, it helped some.

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