Boy Band Baby

Louis and El have tried continuesly to have a child of their own but when El. finds out she isn't able, Louis tries to surprise her with the best gift ever.



HELLO PEEPS! I am changing Justice's age t 14 going on fifteen cuz it works  with my plan!! ;)



 I woke up to smiling Louis and a darling Justice too. "You scared me!" I said. Justice seemed happy here, just like she had ived here since she was a baby. They both pulled me in to a warm hug.  Justice had a beautiful auburn hair color and blue eyes. She reminded me of Niall becuase of her eyes.

 We walked down stairs together to see all of the boys shirtless just wearing boxers. "EEEEEWWWWWWW!" Justice said looking at them. They started to luagh. For no reason at all, the boys put on pandora so 'Sexy and I Know it' came on and of course, the boys wiggled. Justice started to gag for real and ran up stairs. She came down with one of my bras on and started to shimmy. We were all luaghing except for Zach and his groupies. At the end she was swinging it and threw it. It landed on Lou's face and she was cracking up.


(Later that day)

 "Hey guys, wanna watch bad grandpa?" I asked. They didn't even reply but instead hopped on the couch and it started. We got about halfway to the part when the Grandpa goes to the Strip Club and his (lets keep it pg, aww screw it... his balls) hang out. Right as that scene hit, we heard the boys coming and I think they saw the scene right before Zach turned it off. "What were you guys watching?" Liam said. "Nothing." I said stifling laughter.

 To get out the answer, Louis tickled me so much I couldn't breathe, Harry threatened Zach by saying, "If you don't tell me, I'm going to shave your head." Same with Zayn. Liam was going to take away Kaid's phone and read his text's to and from is girlfriend out loud. And Niall told Jordan he couldn't have Nando's for a month. None of us said anything. I slipped out o Louis' grip and made my way to the stairs but Zach grabbed my foot so I could still get tortured. Louis started again and I gave in."Fine, fine, FINE! WE WERE WATCHING BAD GRANDPA!" I shouted. The Zach gave me a look like 'I want to punch you so hard but I want to kiss you' and I gave him a look back like 'AHH HELL NAAAHHH!' He looked affended.

 "TGIS" I said walking up the stairs. "Don't you mean TGIF?" Lou-Dad yelled. "No, it means thank God its summer, ahh durrh!"

  I wasn't looking where I was going and Zach ran into me with Harry beind Zach. "That's one way to get 'em!" Harry said while laughing. I growled under my breath and kicked Zach on the foot. I crossed my arms and walked up the stairs. "What's that all about?" Zac yelled up the stairs. "Ooops, my fualt, I forgot you are an idiot. You ran into me, pusjing me down the stairs and you just walk away!" I retorted. Then Harry chimed in,"Ya Zach." I rolled my eyes and walked over to Louis burrying my head into his should making him 'oww'.

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