Boy Band Baby

Louis and El have tried continuesly to have a child of their own but when El. finds out she isn't able, Louis tries to surprise her with the best gift ever.


4. Men and Girls


"I just don't get it. When Louis told me you guys were coming he said it like he wanted me out of the house." I said. Perrie replied with a big ear to ear grin on her face, "Well he did." She winked at me through the mirror which kinda scared me a little like when I first started dating Louis, how Harry would wink at me every time we crossed paths. It made me wonder why he wanted me out. Was there someone else? If there was, why? Was it becuase I couldn't have a baby?

 "El,you okay?" a girly voice broke through my train of thought. I looked up and saw the large mall. I nodded at Perrie and she smiled.

POV: Justice

 "Justice, someone is here to see you, look presentable if you don't!" I could see Mrs. Lettrey's smiley face. She was super nice and always wanted the best for us. I walked trough the door t see THE FLIPPIN LOUIS TOMLINSON waiting for me. He stood up and walked over to me. My eyes wide, mouth wide open, he started to luagh a little. "OH MY GOD!" I yelled and he started to luagh even harder. " Holy SHIT!" I covered my mouth and he started to fall on the floor. He muffeled in between luaghter, "Oh ya, she's the one!" "I'm so, so sorry! I-I didn't me to swear!" I pleaded but I think he still liked me. He signed the papers while I got my stuff, and all of my One Direction stuff,which was just about everything. He gasped at all of the One Direction stuff. Even my pillowcase! We got in is car and drove off to my new home.

  "So, you like us, don't you?" "You as in One Direction? Yes!" I practilcally screamed! He smiled. "Ok now here's the deal, about a week ago, Eleanor, I'm sure you wh that is." I nodded, " We found out she can't have a baby so today is her birthday and well, you're going to be her present!" It sounded kind of weird at first but then I got it.

 We arrived and I saw three girls and I knew who they were,Dani, Perrie, and my new mother, El. (I call them by their nicknames cuz i like em!)





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