Boy Band Baby

Louis and El have tried continuesly to have a child of their own but when El. finds out she isn't able, Louis tries to surprise her with the best gift ever.


3. Doncaster Adoption Centre

POV: Justice

  I turned up my radio. 'Steal My Girl' was on and my room mate Cassie stated dancing like a freak. My name is Justice Getty, I am 12 years old and the reason why I'm in an adoption home is becuse my mum said she would come back for me after she got out of prison but she never did. That was over nine years ago.

 I have long, curly, auburn hair and blue eyes. This is all that you need to know for now.


 I woke up to five boys staring at me with a cake. Oh no, five boys and a cake. That caan't be good. "Happy Birthday!" they all chimed in together as I ducked just in case they were going to smash the cake in my face. "Don't worry El, were notgoing to smash it in your face, but we all know Niall wants to smash it in his. C'mon, lets go have breakfast." I followed Lou down the spiraling staircase to a table for six! Of course Niall had a lot of pancakes whereas I had three. Louis also made bacon and eggs. "Hey El, Dani and Perrie are going to go shopping wit you today. They are gonna pick you up around noon." Louis said Mmmkaaayyyyy!" I yelled and I got my lazy butt up to g get ready. I put on my 'Come at me Bro' t-shirt with white skinny jeans and Converse. I did my hair, no make-up today, and of course, brushed my teeth and I was out!


  Finally, El was gone so I could sneak out. For the past week I have been telling her we were making another guest room for her parents but instead, we were making a pre-teens room. It was a darker purple with a neon green trim, cherry wood flooring with a purple fuzzy rug, books, a purple metal desk with green accesories, and  a queen sized bed with a large purple and green comforter. (yes lots of purple and green)

  I finally made it to the Doncaster Adoption Centere. I thought about a baby but we would have to prepare even longer so I thought an older girl wuld be nice. I walked in the tall brick building and I was greeted by a older women. Her nametag read Karen.

 "Hello young man, you must be Louis Tomlinson, my grandaughter obsesses over you. How may I help you tody?" "Oh, erm, yes, I would like to find a spritly,hyper pre-teen or somewhere  of that age." I said with a big grin on my face.

"Oh, of course I know just who you need. Um, please follow me." she said and I followed her to a big pink room with two smaller beds and two girls, They both screamed right as I walked in.

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