Boy Band Baby

Louis and El have tried continuesly to have a child of their own but when El. finds out she isn't able, Louis tries to surprise her with the best gift ever.


5. Boys boys boys!


    I behind me to see Louis and a little girl. I  gasped and a big smile appered on his handsome face. A little girl! I ran over to them both, she was a little taken by surprise, she looked about twelve and she had a LOT  of One Direction stuff. (One Direction is still famous but their in there late twentys early thirties) "Her name is Justice Nichol and now Tomlinson." I smiled at him and gave him a huge hug. "Hey Lou, where is she gonna stay?" I asked. " Remember that new 'studio'? Well, it's actually her room."


 I already love my parents. My dad is funny, I already know thst, and my mom looks very loving. Right in the middle of their conversation, I grabbed them both into a big hug. Louis chuckled a little and my El smiled.

 When we walked in, I saw my idols, and I'm sure you can guess who it is. I dropped everthing and ran to them and hugged them. "Lou, there's another fan in here!" Harry called. "Hey!" I said looking at him. "She's my duaghter!" They all looked at him and in chorus they said," What!" I laughed and said, "He adopted me. And so everyone knows, I call youguys my pookies and I'm not going t detail of what that means!" I said with a ear to ear smile on my face. Louis showed me to my room and helped me get all of my stuff to my room. I was settled in and we just finished eating dinner. I walked into my room and into my bathroom to get my pajamas on. I walked in to four boys! I screamed "Who are you and why the hell are you in my room!" "First off, I'm Zach, Harry's son, that's Kaid, Liam's son, James, Zayn's son, and last but not least, Jordan, Niall's son." I could already tell e was a lady's man by how he looked and acted like his father, who of course, was one. "And secondly, this is my room." "Oh, um,I, I'm sorry. I'm Justice.  Nice to meet you?" We all shook hands. "Well I'm gonna go to my room I guess so-" I was cut off by Zach, "Don't ya wanna stick around for truth or dare, when out mums go to bed, we play with our dads and that let us do crazy stuff and every now and then, swear!" "Um, OK, sure, but isn't  it gonna be a bunch of boys doing boy stuff?" I asked, he replied and a very oddly but sexy tone," Well ya but we can make it work!"

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