Afterlife (Oneshot)

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  • Published: 24 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 24 Sep 2014
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En kort historie. På engelsk denne gang. Jeg undskylder på forhånd for mit elendige engelsk, men jeg ville lige publicere den alligevel. xD
Også en lille prøve med skrivning i anden person. :)


1. Afterlife

It was dark. You couldn't see anything, and you where out of breath.

You where nearly killed by the men in black, but managed to get away just in time. The swords had given you a scratch, though, and the red fluid drained out from your arm. But it didn't matter. You had a goal. You would reach "The Dark Room" to end the otherwise endless fight.

You ran and ran, until finally you stopped for a while. Closed your eyes and catched your breath. You couldn't run anymore. You finally realised the pain from the scratch, but ignored it. And then... You saw it.

It was as dark as the darkest alley. As if the dark master himself had shed his neverending darkness on it. It was barely to be seen, and mostly looked like a giant black whole of nothing. You decided to look closer. It was finally in reach. You had waited in, what felt like your whole life, to find this room. Nothing would could keep you away anymore.

As a deep exhale slipped your lips you opened the big door that kept the insides of "The Dark Room" hidden. Not that there would be much to see. It would be darker than the outsides. If that was even possible.

You heard a big noise, and pulled the door even more. It finally opened and you witnessed as the room showed itself to you. You couldn't believe it. It was too bright. You had to close your eyes so you wouldn't go blind.

How come that the darkest room in all of the universe was light?

The you realized, that no matter if the room was all black or all white, it would give the same result. You wouldn't be able to see. Only, the light was so blinding, that you had to close your eyes, where as in the dark, you would be able to have them open. So what would be best, in the world of not seeing?

Not seeing with your eyes open, or not seeing with your eyes closed? You shaked the feeling of overthinking away. What was it with this room? It gave you a chilling feeling of being watched. But how could somebody even be in this room, when the door was all blocked?

You realized you had to be serious. Remember your mission. Remember to... What was your mission again?

It was this room. Not only had it blinded your eyes, but your thoughts too. Your memories. It had taken everything from you. Or had it? You could still think. Be in the now. Be in the present. Remember that you was here for a reason. Remember there was some reason you had fought to be here.

The door closed behind you. Or had it been closed all along? There was a sound. Or did you just start to imagine things? A deep sigh escaped your lips as you looked around with your eyes closed. You tried to go to the end of the room, even though it seemed to have no ending at all.

Finally you hit a wall. A small tear fell down from the corner of your eye. You remembered the pain from the arm. Remembered. Could it really be? Was the room finally letting go, so you once again could regain power of your own brain? Would you could remember your mission?

No. Still no luck. It was nothing but a vague dream. You wondered about your live before the darkness. And before the brightness. Why couldn't you remember anything at all? Your head felt like exploding. But without the thoughts.

Where have they gone? And how can you think without the thoughts?

You finally opened your eyes. You let the light blind you.

You opened your eyes. Wait. Didn't you just do that? There was white all over. Other people. Where did they come from? You looked around, but didn't feel like yourself. You tried to look at your arm. Where was the scratch? And your clothes? You where naked.

"Congratulations, it's a boy" was all you heard before all of your thoughts again went blank.

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