The Shadow Kind

Maeyra is the Princess of the Shadow Kind. She is fierce and deadly; one of their best assassin's. Before she can be crowned Queen, however, she needs to prove herself, and she will do so by assassinating someone in one of the Four Kingdoms. She doesn't know where her mother, the Queen, will send her, whether it be the Fire Kingdom, Water Kingdom, Earth Kingdom, or Air Kingdom. When she arrives at her destination, however, she never would have expected her heart to get in the way of her duty.


1. Prologue

The darkness surrounds me, covering my being like a black veil. The darkness is what I know, it is who I am. I thrive in the darkness; it is my solace, my creator, my destroyer. It is where I took my first breath and is where I will take my last. One day I will be the Queen ruling over this darkness, but for now, I am Maeyra, the Princess of the Shadow Kind.

The Shadow Kind are nothing more than a legend to most of the world, but those who know we are here fear us. We breed the most deadly of assassins, the most ruthless warriors; we make our living in the blood of our enemies. We relish in the fear seen in our victims' eyes before the life fades from them. 

All of our kind are taught with the knife before we can run. Our training is our life. We of the Shadow Kind have the true power in this land. If others do not bow to us when we come, we will make them bend and then break.

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