Riley and Ellie north are twins and newly signed stars with there band social casualty what happens when they fall for a certain boy band ..

But what will spur when their little sister gabby shows up and falls hard for one of the boys who already has a girlfriend ...


2. tomorrow never dies

Ellie's POV

1 month later

" come on guys "

we were running along the beach at berwick back home in good old Scotland and it's raining yeah (note sarcasm)

" we're a comin " Riley shouted back

" god you take so long " she really does take forever she's acting really strange since she woke up a little while after Luke you know kissed her. Does she know? Am I acting weird? Great now I'm hyperventilating, I'm gonna die on hill agh. I was looking for something more glamorous but oh well no choice.

" are you ok " Calum spoke for the first on the trip

" huh oh yeah I'm fine just worried about Riley that's all " he shocked me out of my thoughts.

" yeah she's been acting really weird and she keeps looking at Luke and then smiling then looking away no offence but your sister is really weird " I laughed at his comment, if he only knew the half of it, he always finds a way to close our conversations with me smiling like a four year old, not many people make me feel that way, wait what ...

" Riley hurry up i need to talk to you " She began to sprint, she knows when I need her. She stopped by my side

" what is it did Calum try something? Are you ok? Do I need to phone emergency services?"

"no you don't I think-k I i might like Calum "

I shut my eyes waiting for the reaction

" On my god! Yes mhhmm yeah mhhm "

She to dance a weird happy song thing, She's so peculiar. I began to laugh uncontrollably.

" haha Riley your causing a scene stop" " I told y.. Sorry " she silenced

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