Riley and Ellie north are twins and newly signed stars with there band social casualty what happens when they fall for a certain boy band ..

But what will spur when their little sister gabby shows up and falls hard for one of the boys who already has a girlfriend ...


3. Lost Boy

Ellie's POV

" what kind of ice cream do you guys want me and Calum are gonna go get some" I asked while everyone was together, Riley and Luke are still being weird but everyone's just ignoring it and having a good time ish.

" where are you going for it" luke asked

" that shop over there " I replied

" ooh bubblegum bubblegum " Riley shouted over everyone

" I'll have the same " Luke said they'd be so cute wait no Ellie he has a girlfriend

Luke's POV

" Ooh bubblegum bubblegum " Riley shouted she's cute god why is management making me fake date Claudia I mean she's so stuck up and posh and Riley's just ugh perfect

" I'll have the same " I told Ellie an Calum he's head over heels in love with her and she's head over heels in love with Nash I mean Calum's depressed I've heard him cry to Riley see there's another thing she best friends with my best friend and it kills me to watch him give her piggy backs around the beach and her kiss him on the cheek she knows something I'm gonna find out what

" Riley can I talk to you " I said when Calum and Ellie had gone

" yeah sure " we walk to one side

" look if this is about you kissing me in the car I know I was awake " I felt my cheeks go bright red

" you were "

" yes and by the way I thought you where with Claudia where dating "

" that's what management want everyone to think but it just fake because they want use to look like we're mature " I looked down if she was awake for the kiss then she heard everything else as well she pushed my chin up so I was looking right in the eyes

" I heard everything I had n.." I don't know what came over me but I kissed her again and she kissed back but then we heard a click and there as a bright flash

" On my god! Paps " Riley yelled we ran into the ice cream shop with the rest hot on our heels

" what happened " Calum asked me and Riley looked at each other

" wellllll " Riley breathed out

" meandlukekissed" she said really quickly Ellie gave me a dirty look

" I told you to figure it out Luke not kiss her again and what about Claudia huh " she said pushing me against the counter


Everyone's eyes went wide " what " they all said well apart from Riley

" management set it up " I sort of whispered I could feel Ellie's eyes burning holes in my head

" let's go " Riley said taking my hand we walked out the shop leaving everyone shocked and angry

Riley's POV

We walked for what felt like hours we ended up in a coffee shop not far from the beach I checked my phone 15 missed calls 65 new messages

" so " Luke said

" we better get back we've got that one direction part to go to " I said

" exactly " he replied we walked back to the cars one direction were having a party in Edinburgh tonight and we had to drive up to the hotel to get ready whoop an hour and a half awkward car journey


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