Riley and Ellie north are twins and newly signed stars with there band social casualty what happens when they fall for a certain boy band ..

But what will spur when their little sister gabby shows up and falls hard for one of the boys who already has a girlfriend ...


5. I miss you

Riley's POV

" ok your not telling anyone " I whispered to myself I got dressed and left the room and ran to mine shit I was sharing with Ellie fuck she's gonna ask questions I slowly opened the door and I found Nash sneaking out

" were are you going " I asked

" I'm not going anywhere at all " he lied I grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back and forced him to the floor he gives in and screams out in pain " I'm cheating on your sister with a fan " what he's cheating in knew it he's never here and I saw that picture but threw it away before Ellie saw it this would break her

" I won't tell her "

" thank you I don't want to hurt her too much "

" just don't drag her along " I got up and got changed I went to the restaurant to get breakfast I sat and ate my bacon and pancakes then Calum came over and he's my best friend I had to tell him but I can't he likes her and I need to tell him " Calum can I tell you something " " yeah " " Nash is cheating on Ellie and please don't say anything because I don't want her to get hurt " his eyes went wide and his fists went white I stood up and hugged him tight he grabbed me tight and he started to cry

" what's wrong with Calum " we both jump apart and Calum wiped his eyes " emm nothing he was just worried about emm me because of Luke being a twat " I said she nodded and looked down

" so did me and Nash wake you last night " she asked red faced I laughed " noo haha " she nodded again and walk off to order her food me and Calum sat down and I finished what I was eating and walk upstairs I bumped into Luke " emm hi Luke do you remember the party last night " " emm no it was like I remember going and then boom I woke up this morning with a serious head ache and a massive b.. You don't need to know that " " eeew who's the girl Hemmings " " I think it was aliesha " I let out a sigh of relief thank god " aww I'll see you later " " Riley I want you to know this aliesha is my ex and she meant nothing to me " he couldn't even say it with a straight face On my god! He still likes her the kiss ? Us ? Ughh " ugghh forget it god you clearly still have feelings for her ugh and to think I .. Just forget it Luke " I ran of Luke screaming y name after me but stopped when it hurt his head I slammed the door I slid down the door and just cried

1 hour later

Ellie's POV

" Riley are you ok " I asked as I slowly opened the door the curtains were closed and the lights were off all I could see was a small lump on the bed and hear the sniffles I made my way over feeling my way through the black I slammed right into the coffee table

" oh ya FUCKKKKEERRR " this earned her giggle that giggle you'd never expect to be hers I sat next to her on the bed

" was it Luke " " yes " " what did he do " " he still likes aliesha after us kissing yesterday he then slept with someone last night and he's convinced it was her and he was smiling like a Cheshire Cat " she cried at the end " he's such an idiot I mean he was out of it last night and aliesha his ex that is low " " I I know that's what I thought " " I mean she's such a slut " " ok Ellie that's enough we know she is not like that " she sat up and hugged me tight " I love you Ellie " " I love you too " I got up and turned the light on " come on get up " " what why " " cause we're making you look damn so Luke regrets what he said and forgets aliesha " damn I'm good this made her smile

2 hours later

Riley's POV

Ellie came in 2 hours ago and we started to make me look damn let me just say it didn't take two hours to do it there was an hour of himym and half and hour of dancing to mayday parade.

We walked down to the lobby for our concert opening for 5sos is great but Luke I mean it really hurt when I saw that he still has feelings for aliesha but I had to perform and we were covering some great songs tonight we met Calum and the others in the lobby Luke's eyes were red and puffy he had clearly been crying ha he thinks I care well I I do I just wanna hug him and tell him to just kiss me but I can't I have to stay strong that means no talking unless necessary and as for Ellie and Nash it has to end soon.

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