Riley and Ellie north are twins and newly signed stars with there band social casualty what happens when they fall for a certain boy band ..

But what will spur when their little sister gabby shows up and falls hard for one of the boys who already has a girlfriend ...


4. Greenlight

Luke's POV

" plug someone's phone and play music I'm sick of the radio " Riley said Ellie plugged her iPhone in and I'm not the only one by Sam smith started to play I knew all the words it was one of my favorite

" you sayyy Imm crazy cause you don't think I know what you've done " Riley and Ellie sang together I couldn't tell what Riley's voice was like she never sang on her own god I wanna know " but when you call me baby I know I'm not the only ..what was that for " call grabbed the iPhone and put on terrible things by mayday parade and we all started to sing along when it came to the big instrumental we all just went crazy me and Michael playing our air guitars an Calum and Ashton playing imaginary drums but Ashton was driving so we told him to stop we arrived at the one direction part 10 minutes later

Riley's POV

It was the one direction party and Luke was out of it he was so drunk it was heat of the moment he came over talking about that he liked me that he thought we should go to his hotel room and I don't know I didn't think he was that out of it.

Our lips moved in sync and we made our way into the hotel room and I think you can guess what happened

Whoop Luke and Riley getting together who wants #Callie to get together all will be reviled

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