Riley and Ellie north are twins and newly signed stars with there band social casualty what happens when they fall for a certain boy band ..

But what will spur when their little sister gabby shows up and falls hard for one of the boys who already has a girlfriend ...



Riley POV

1 month later

We haven't spoken really like only when we needed to like me introducing them and stuff anyway back to now

" Calum come get Ellie with me she's been up there ages I mean please" " yeah sure " " ok come on " we walked to the lift and got to our floor we were on the last leg of the tour the British leg it great being home we flew back to America after the party and now we're back in Britain so we arrived Ellie's door to hear her crying I walk in and she threw a note at me I picked it up it read

Hi Ellie I've left and I am not coming back I don't love you any more


I knew he would pull this then Ellie spoke

" Riley I'm pregnant with his baby " she's pregnant On my god! " I knew it if he's scum enough to cheat he's scum enough to leave a baby " both of their eyes widened she screamed at me

" you knew he cheated it didn't say that in the letter how did you find out "

" I over heard him talking on the phone to her just after the one direction party I didn't know what to do so I just left it " " why Ri why didn't you tell me I mean seriously just get out " I ran out told Calum to wait a few minutes then go in and act shocked I lay in my room tears rolling down my face I'm such an idiot

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