Riley and Ellie north are twins and newly signed stars with there band social casualty what happens when they fall for a certain boy band ..

But what will spur when their little sister gabby shows up and falls hard for one of the boys who already has a girlfriend ...


8. English love affair

Ellie's POV

" So Wembley " the screams were deafening

" ok so our last song is actually a song by the act we're opening for its called mrs all american but we've put a twist on it hope you like it " Riley told the crowd

I love that accent you have when you say hello

You relocated from Sydney a month ago

That minivan you drive really gets me goin

And if feels so right then it can't be wrong

Skip to chorus

Walk my way mr all Australian say my name no need to pretend

Don't be shy mr all Australian I'll show you why your not gonna walk away

Skip to end of song

" thank guys you've been great now welcoming 5 seconds of summer "fern shouted they ran on and we ran off

Skip to last song of concert

Luke's POV

" ok guys we're going to sing a new song it's called English love affair (for the sake of the book it is not on the album)

Skip to end of show

We walked off and found the girls at the side of the stage

" good job guys " fern said

" same god for you " Michael replied

" come on we better get back to the tour busses and get showered and changed I feel grotty " Riley commented we were walking back to the tour busses when we were ambushed by fans they started shouting abuse at the girls " you're not pretty enough for them " " sluts " " eww why is Riley wearing a crop top she so fat " this defiantly hit home with Riley and Ellie, Riley grabbed her stomach and started to walk faster Ellie on the other hand turned around and pushed the girl square in the face the girl fell to the floor and Calum had to carry Ellie off before she seriously did something to her we all began to run to the girls bus and slammed the door behind us

" we're lucky that they were only fans no paps " Abigail breathed

" that little bitch did you see her she has no room to speak she was the size of a fucking baby wale let me correct my self fat ass "

" calm down Ellie that girl was just jealous that are best friends are four of the hottest boys on the planet " Riley said sitting down next to her sister patting her back who knew she could be that violent then Michael shouted " aww Riley why thank you " as he flipped his hair we all laughed and rest of us joins in " yeah Riley thanks I mean we all knew it but coming from you it's great " I winked at her I just heard of wolf whistles and " right live birds that's enough."

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