Riley and Ellie north are twins and newly signed stars with there band social casualty what happens when they fall for a certain boy band ..

But what will spur when their little sister gabby shows up and falls hard for one of the boys who already has a girlfriend ...


7. American idiot

Calum's POV

" how could they do this to me Calum " Ellie cried into my chest

" I don't know princess I honestly don't " I whispered to her

" we need to get ready for tonight " I said as we got up I went to the door she threw Riley's outfit at me

" I don't want to see her " she said I walked along to Michael's room I knew she'd come here Michael's her shoulder to cry he lives her like a sister and he's basically her brother

" here's Riley's outfit "

" she's not here and everyone else is here for a movie day until the concert well apart from Luke but there fighting "

" On my god! Riley's missing "

5 hours later 1 hour till concert

We still haven't found Riley we've searched all over London no where to be seen it's an hour till our biggest show of the tour

Riley's POV

I left the hotel about 5 hours ago and I bumped in this boy called Alex and he asked me if I would go and see this film called wolves if was amazing then we went to KFC and talked for about an hour now I'm going back to the hotel but I'm lost I pulled out my bag and phone the first number

Ring ring

L: hello Riley were are you

R: I don't know can you and only you come pick me up please the address is 19 Mayfair road

L: yeah I'm on my way I'll be 5 minutes

I didn't think he would be so precise he arrived five minutes later exactly but anyway he jumped out and grabbed me in a hug I hugged back

" never do that again riley we were so worried " huh I laughed

" Ellie would have been glad I was gone "

" she was worried sick kept blaming herself she thought you might have done something to hurt yourself we all did "

" I went to the cinema and KFC with Alex " Luke tensed

" with who "

" Alex this guy I met outside the hotel "

" oh ok "

" Luke you know it's not like that "

" well why wouldn't it be "


" y-your w-what "

" I'm sorry can we just go back to the hotel please "

He claimed into his car shocked the car ride back was silent I just kept looking at his face it was shocked and sort half smirking as well I couldn't help but smile too I'm so thankful that I got that out.

Ellie's POV

" what if she has hurt herself and it's all my fault ugh " I cried to fern all the others were all sitting on my bed wait info for Luke to get back say someone had tweeted seeing her

" Ellie she will be fine and none of this is your fault " fern cooed

Knock knock " can you let me in " I heard Luke's voice and then

" god Luke that was barely a knock your such a loser " Calum ran to the door opening it to revel Luke and Riley I stood up ran out the door and tackled Ri into a hug on the floor

" Ellie crushing rib cage soar " we were joined by Michael and fern " ok guys your killing me " we all laughed I glanced at Luke we were both grinning from ear to ear

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