My Ending Of 'The Blood Of Olympus'

My version of an ending of 'The Blood Of Olympus' by Rick Riordan


1. Percy

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call

To storm or fire, the world must fall

An oath to keep with a final breath

And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death


The waves lapped at Annabeth’s feet as she sat, with her knees to her chest, on the sand,

“Why did you do it Percy?” she whispered, tears filling her eyes, “I could have made a plan, there could have been another way!” She buried her face into her knees as sobs tore through her body, “There could have been another way…”

“Annabeth!” she heard Piper call and looked up to greet her, teary stormy-grey eyes met sad chocolate brown and soon both girls were hugging tightly, “It will get better eventually Anna. And remember that you aren’t alone in your pain, we are all always here.”

Annabeth nodded in acknowledgement, grateful to Piper for trying to make her feel better,

“Thank y-you” Annabeth said, her voice quite scratchy due to her overload of crying. Piper sent her a blinding smile and she even felt herself cheering up a bit before Piper looked away and the little bit of cheerfulness vanished, “Piper, have we really thought of everything? There must be something we’ve missed!”

Piper shrugged sadly,

“I guess so, we’ve even tried impossible legends like Orpheus and Eurydice.”

Annabeth stiffened,

“Pipes, say that again.”

“Ur.. I guess so?”

“No, the second bit.”

“We’ve even tried myths like Orpheus and Eurydice… Oh”

“Yes! We haven’t tried that!”

Piper sighed,

“Anna, it’s a really bad idea, it was stupid of me to say it. It will only end in even more heartbreak.”

They sat there for a while, thinking of everything the two of them, Jason, Nico, Leo, Frank, Hazel, Grover and everyone had tried. Annabeth suddenly jumped up,

“Oh my gods I don’t even care! It’s a way to save Percy, Piper, I’m going to risk it, you never know, it could succeed!” she hugged the daughter of Aphrodite before hurriedly turning on her heel and sprinting back to camp.

“CHIRON! MR D!” she yelled as she neared camp and soon heard the familiar sound of Chiron’s hooves pounding against the ground as he came to meet her,

“What is it Annabeth?” he asked, a look of concern appearing on his face,

“Percy.” Annabeth said, gasping for breath, “Piper and I have found a way to save him!”

Mr D narrowed his eyes,

“And what would this way be Annie Belle?”

Annabeth ignored the fact that he got her name wrong and instead just replied to his question,

“Well we have all heard of the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice…”

“No.” Chiron said, “Annabeth that is just asking for trouble. I can’t believe Piper would ever say that!”

A scowl was sent at him before Annabeth continued,

“Hades has always has quite a soft spot for Percy, though he would never admit it. He would allow me to try and get Percy out of the underworld.”

Chiron frowned and opened his mouth, no doubt to say no, when Mr D interrupted,

“Personally I think it’s a good idea,” he said, “If Annie Belle wants to put herself in the vulnerable situation of losing a loved one all over again, I’m all for it.”

He was greeted with two fierce glares, both for different reasons,

“Dionysus, do not encourage her!” Chiron exclaimed, causing Annabeth to huff,

“Gods, Chiron this is our only chance, I know I can do this!” Annabeth cried in desperation and Chiron sighed in defeat,

“Okay Annabeth, but remember that it was you who put yourself in this position.”

Annabeth nodded eagerly before quickly continuing into camp to find Nico.

The son of Hades had been sitting near the beach with Mrs O’Leary when he had heard Annabeth yelling his name,

“Nico! Nico!”

He jumped up from where he was sitting and rushed to meet the frantic blonde,

“Annabeth,” he greeted, “What is it?” he began to feel worried as he took in her dishevelled appearance, “Annabeth..?”

“There’s a way to save Percy!” she exclaimed and Nico immediately shut up and gaped at her,

“We have tried everything,” he told the older girl, “No there isn’t.”

She grinned at him,

“There is Nico, there actually is a way. Have you heard of Orpheus-“

“And Eurydice? Are you crazy Annabeth? That will never work!” he flinched as she sent him a death glare,

“You will never know unless you try” she quoted and Nico groaned, knowing that he would never win against the grey-eyed daughter of Athena,

“You’re adamant aren’t you” he said and she nodded, smirking, he rolled his eyes before gesturing to Mrs O’Leary, “Let’s go and take Annabeth to see father, girl”

She let out a loud woof before running into the shadows with Annabeth on her back, Nico following closely behind,

“We’re coming Percy” Annabeth murmured, smiling as they disappeared into the dark.

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