Growing up as a princess is never easy, but when you have to decide whether you will be White(evil) or Dark(good) because of who your parents are and the fate of your people the Angels rest in your hands, its even harder. Meet Princess Natasha Angelica Cortez the Princess who will change the world for the best or worst. Join her on her journey to decide her fate as well as her people along with friends, Ariadne Popkins and Gerard Jolson


1. The Child Is Born

The queen of Meredith panted as she gave birth to a baby girl. The doctor looked up at her from where he sat and smiled. She glanced at her husband the King and said,


"What does our daughter look like?" the King smiled down at her and replied in his deep dark voice


"Bloody, but in all seriousness like you with her dark brown hair and navy blue eyes and me with my dark complexion." In the kingdom of Meredith the King and Queen were different sides of good v. evil they drew a truce long ago when both were young Angelings for they had fallen deeply forbiddenly in love. The Princess of Dark Angels in other words the good always wanted to rebel and one sunny afternoon she met him the Prince of the White Angels or the Evil Angels. She was dark haired and beautiful, he was dark skinned and had the palest blonde hair and the bluest eyes. She spied on him for a long time until he called out to her. 


"Princess Calesta I know you are there."


"Prince Caspian how in the galaxy did you know?" they had met once before at a kingdom meeting.


"I couldn't miss your beautiful eyes." of course he was flirting with her, he flirts with everyone. Calesta was pulled from her reverie and was handed her newly born daughter.


"What shall her name be my love?" she gazed up into Caspian's eyes and he said


"Natasha Angelica Cortez, Princess of Meredith." She was then christianed as Natasha. 

19 years later. Present Day.



I awoke early or late in the night, I was drawn to my open french doors. I starred down from my balcony to Earth, That is what woke me, Earth is experiencing some strong tidal waves no doubt the work of Ariadne. I closed my doors and crawled back into my Angel wing soft bed, my undecided colored wings enveloping me. I only awoke again to the sound of my mother's shrill annoyed voice yelling for me to come to her. Today was my nineteenth birthday, I had to choose a side, Dark or White. Good or Evil. The fate of my world and Earth rested on my delicate shoulders. I like my white and black wings though when I folded them around me I looked like the China Ying Yang symbol. I dressed in my birthday gown, a red velvet dress the fit snugly to my perfect angel figure. It had golden trimming and a black and white stripe down the back to symbolize my undecided wings. Being a princess is hard, but being an Angel Princess who has to choose a side and that decision decided the fate of all the people you love and have yet to meet, its harder. I pulled on my stilettos that my father had gotten me from Earth. I applied my makeup carefully, one eye black, one white, and the same for my lips, on half black the other white. After I was finished I stepped from my room only to find my Angel Cat Lilo curled up into a ball just outside my heavy BulBerry double doors. I swooped down and picked her up with a startled meow from her, I flew to the sound of my mother.

I landed in front of her just outside the Grand Hall.


"Yes mother?"


"First put that wretched cat down and what is on your face?"


"Nothing mother its just how I look everyday."


"Not today go and put one color on, GO!" she shoved me back towards the stairs. I huffed and flew to my room once again. I washed off my perfectly done make up and replaced it with a red that matched my dress. I painted my lips gold. I hurried to get my mother's approval. Instead of finding my mother I found Gerard my best friend who've I been in love with for the past couple years. He whistled at me and my wings tingled. He had that effect on people.


"Hello Sir Gerard Jolson. It is a great pleasure to see you once more." I only talked like that because my grandmother had walked in. The former Queen of Meredith where I lived.


"Hello my Granddaughter it is a pleasure and Happy Birthday I do hope you choose the Dark Angels. The GOOD angels. Oh hello Gerard, may I ask where you halo is of late?"


"My halo is at the cleaner ma'am"


"They have those now?" my grandmother didn't get the joke, Gerard hasn't worn a halo in three years. "Well see you two later." I watched her go and I walked closer to Gerard and said


"I've been meaning to do this," I reached up and kissed him full on his perfect honey colored lips, he was surprised and he moaned in delight, my tongue grazed his perfect teeth and I inhaled his honeysuckle sent, I pulled away only to breath.


"I've been waiting for you to do that." he chuckled. " I guess I can tell you now that we're betrothed."


"Really? No matter what side I choose?"


"Yes they want to keep this a tradition."


"Having to different races for rulers?"


"Yes, and having the children choose their side. What side are you choosing anyway?"


"Dark, the White have done such horrible things that nothing could change my mind. Have you been in one of their worships?"




"There's a statue of Morning Star and I heard that he'll be here at my father's side today!"


"No but he can't step foot here, we're just outside Heaven."


"You mean Refa. That is what it is called in Meredith."

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