Growing up as a princess is never easy, but when you have to decide whether you will be White(evil) or Dark(good) because of who your parents are and the fate of your people the Angels rest in your hands, its even harder. Meet Princess Natasha Angelica Cortez the Princess who will change the world for the best or worst. Join her on her journey to decide her fate as well as her people along with friends, Ariadne Popkins and Gerard Jolson


4. The Angel Detective Agency

"Natasha wait up!" I heard Gerard behind me but I didn't stop flying. I had to go somewhere without him. I needed to know why that demon sabotaged the most important day of my life. 


"Gerard go home! I can handle myself I'll be back before you know it. I promise."


"Then tell me where you're going!"


"You wouldn't understand, Gerard I love you. Thank you very much for trying to make me stay," I doubled back and gave him a kiss. "But I'm still going. You see, you're not king yet. And even then I wouldn't listen to you."


"What do I tell them?"


"That I went to bed early because of the traumatic experience at the Choosing,"


"Alright I'll see you soon." I flew off my great mixed matched wings flapping to gain momentum before I began to soar. In no time I was on the other-side of Meredith. I put my wings away tucking them around my shoulders like a cloak. I entered the building that read


Angel Detective Agency- We help you solve the toughest problems


A secretary looked up from a computer, from earth. She smiled at me, recognizing me instantly.


"Hello Princess Natasha. How may I be of service?"


"I need to see Detective Myra, its about the murder at he Choosing."


"Yes of course, please take a sit. We'll be with you shortly, she's with another client." I chose the chair closet to to the office door, and picked up the magazine with the Angel of Love on the cover, it said he was named sexiest Angel alive. In Gerard's defense, he was far more attractive then Love. I can't remember his name exactly. I heard my name being called, and saw Lucifer walk out of the office.


"Princess what a-pleasant surprise." he said his eyes glowing amber. I felt something melt inside of me. I snapped out of it and returned with,


"Don't flatter yourself Luke, I came to find out what happened at the Choosing. What might I ask are you doing here? Doesn't your realm offer such services?"


"Thank you for using my nick name Princess Natasha. I do believe I'm entitled to my privacy. No my realm does not offer these services because doing nice things is frowned upon there. I want to know why that Demon was working freelance."


"You just told me why your here when you said you were entitled to your privacy."


"Maybe I just like you." with that he dissolved into smoke and fire. I heard the screams of the condemned and the laughs of his loyal servants. All but one that is. 

"Good bye to you to," I got up from my chair and walked gracefully over to the open office door.


"Hello Myra, how do you do?"


"I am feeling quite sad, I lost a great friend today. I'm glad so many people want to know why he was killed."


"So you can help?" I asked eagerly,


"Yes I certainly can Princess Natasha."


"Myra no need to be so formal, I'm still just an Angel like you."


"Oh you're not like me, your special, different."


"Oh please, I won't be any more different then you once I choose a side."


"Okay. So tell me what happened." I jumped into the terrifying story of how our dear friend died, when I had finished fresh tears were streaming down my face, smearing my make up.


"An arrow? Made from the deepest abyss of Hell? That's not good, they were outlawed years ago. Like in 1893 after the King of Angel's was assassinated, someone has brought back the industry."


"I didn't know they had been outlawed. If Angels are immortal, why must we reproduce? I mean it only causes chaos, because many of the children of the Angels choose to be with Lucifer. They don't believe in the old ways anymore then Lucifer did at the Fall." I said thoughtfully.


"What does this have do with his murder?"


"I'm not sure, but maybe somebody's been planning another revolt against the Almighty Creator."


"Possibly, and if you're correct, its not Lucifer, he was a bit shaken when he came in."


"Well either way, he's an excellent manipulator. "


"I know that." Myra said. "You should be going now, your parents must be worried."


"Yes, but I gave Gerard instructions to tell them I retired early."


"Ah but you should be getting back, this part of Meredith isn't safe for unique people such as yourself. Or women in particular." I stood the leave and unfurled my wings.


"I'll be seeing you then Myra. Keep me informed." I flew out the opened window. 


When I arrived home my balcony doors were opened, good, Gerard thought of everything. 
I quietly landed inside my room, and found Gerard fast asleep at my desk, I laughed softly, and walked over to him. I gently roused him with a quick shove, and his eyes flew open and his wings unfurled. 


"Who goes there? I will cut you to pieces if you try to harm my Princess!"


"Gerard Jolson, it is I, your Princess." He quickly sheathed his sword, and tucked his wings,


"Natasha, I'm sorry. How was your journey? Smooth I hope?"


"Yes it went quite fine thank you. I ran into Lucifer, though."


"What did he want?"


"He wanted to know why his Demon was working freelance. I also learned that the arrow that killed my friend and adviser has been discontinued and banned since 1893."


"The last assassination, the King of all Angels, that's when the two kingdoms were formed." Gerard said matter of factly. I glowered at him enough to say 'I know'  


"Gerard do my parents know you are here?"


"No they think I left through the balcony window." he smiled deviously, I knew what he was thinking and I was thinking no.


"Go home Gerard I have things to mull over."


"You mean write in your diary."


"Yes now go." He flew out the window, but not before bestowing a kiss upon my lips. I smiled and before I could change my mind he had disappeared into the night. Earth loomed down below beyond the clouds. I closed my balcony windows, and got ready for bed.

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