Growing up as a princess is never easy, but when you have to decide whether you will be White(evil) or Dark(good) because of who your parents are and the fate of your people the Angels rest in your hands, its even harder. Meet Princess Natasha Angelica Cortez the Princess who will change the world for the best or worst. Join her on her journey to decide her fate as well as her people along with friends, Ariadne Popkins and Gerard Jolson


5. Pebbles at the Window

I slept soundly throughout the night, always wondering if Myra had captured the demon that had killed Chevanti. I knew I cried because my pillows we soaked through and my cat was floating protectively over me, the nightmare that woken me just before dawn was so realistic, and I couldn't believe my mind had come up with such chaos, and darkness, pure evil. Had Lucifer somehow crept into my mind and gave me such images. The blood and the war, the faces still haunt me now. If seemed so real, so terrifyingly real. I decided to get up and write in my diary like I told Gerard I was going to do in the first place. I pulled it out from its secret place. Its gold lined pages glistened in the lamp light and my love's token, the Feather of Love, now a pen glowed with life. It needed no ink, as long as our love held true Gerard presented it to me yesterday and I wanted to test it out to see what color our love was. I started to write, the first line was bright orange, the color of passion. 


Dear Diary,
         As I write this I learn that our love is full of passion, Gerard and I were meant to be. I can't fathom it. That an arranged betrothal is meant to be that the arranged people are soul mates. On sadder news though dearest diary, my dear friend Chevanti was killed! I can't believe a demon got through the palace's defenses! Anyway I hired Myra, an assassin to kill the demon who killed my Chevanti. I have not made my decision yet, well I have but have not voiced it to God. She scares me, the thought of God sends shivers down my dual colored wings. But I must make a decision, and I will not aid Lucifer, I will join the Good angels, for now I must sleep, or try too, a nightmare woke me, it was about blood and death and war. I must speak to the Angel of War, to see if he has seen any wars in the future.
                     Goodnight, Princess Natasha.


I closed the diary and returned it to its hiding place. I placed the pen on the golden pedestal that Gerard gave me a year ago today. He made it in the forges. I yawned and looked out the window to Earth. Everything was peaceful, even the country they call Iraq is  asleep. Only a few explosions. I closed the doors and continued on to the bed. I stopped just as I sat on the bed, a thunk sound came from the closed window, I got up to investigate and Gerard sat in the air lazily throwing pebbles at my window. 


"Gerard what in the Arch Angel's Glory are you doing?" I cried, "Do you know what time it is?"


"Yes, on earth they refer the time to midnight. Here its called Date night."


"You just made that up!"


"So what if I did,"


"I don't know, should I get dressed?"


"That's up to you. Do you want me to see you in your very un-heavenly bra or do you want me to focus on your gorgeous face?"


"Alright fine smart a*s." I closed the door and changed into a maroon dress and brushed my hair. "Is this alright mr. Picky?"


"Yes its fine." I unfurled my wings and flew out the window. "Follow me Princess." I rolled my eyes and followed. We flew for hours and finally he landed, I noticed we were inches from the border between Meredith and Earth. I stopped dead in my tracks and Gerard looked puzzled.


"Oh come now Princess. I'm taking you to Notre Dame, in Paris come on." I followed him, I have only seen pictures of the famous Cathedral. We stepped right into the busy streets of Paris, our clothes fit to match the scenery. Notre Dame stood in front of us, beautiful. I ran a crossed the busy street and looked up at the hand crafted oak doors inlaid with biblical scenes. Gerard opened the doors and so many candles lit the room, the original stones still in their places and the pews were still original. I smiled, I wanted to see the bell tower. The stories of Quasimodo were too hard to resist, and I wanted to see it, the bell inlaid with jewels. I raced up the spiral staircases and up the wooden ladder. The golden bell was even more glorious in person then in the pictures.  I placed my hand against the cool exterior and smiled as the history of the bell washed over me. 


"Natasha, do you like it here?"


"Oh yes, thank you Gerard." I turned and saw not Gerard but Lucifer.


"You tricked me! Where's Gerard? What did you do to him?


"Nothing my dear, I just wanted to be with you alone. You remind me of my Lucinda."


"Stop it, you aren't capable of Love! If you are capable of love then why is there an Angel of Love and not a Demon of Love?"


"OH silly girl, the Angel of Love is a White Angel, the 'evil' angels." I turned away from him, and walked to the balcony, where the gargoyles stood watch. How did he get in? This is a sacred place. "My dear I got in because this place is losing its meaning, humans are losing their faiths, and have stopped coming to Church. This Cathedral was once so sacred that I could not enter but now...not so much." Lucifer came closer to me and my wings tingled as I thought of Gerard asleep in his bed, waking up and flying to my rescue. 


"Why don't you become my wife? Rule the Underworld, be free to be who you are my Undecided One."


"I am not yours I am mine." 


"Keep telling yourself that. God and I own you we created you. Your parents helped but this is what we wanted not them."


"I will not be your Queen. I love Gerard and he loves me."


"You poor naive girl, I love you, he doesn't, you love me not him,"


"Your mind games do not work on me Lucifer. Go to hell."


"I would but I'm already there. And like it or not your coming with me." he grabbed my arms and fire encircled us. I called out for help any kind of help but it was too late we were gone. 


"Let go of me." I crumpled to the stone ground, I noticed I was in a prison cell. "What the hell are you doing to me?"


"Until you decide you love me or not you are to stay right here." he left me and I sank back to the floor. Damn it if only I hadn't woken up.

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