Growing up as a princess is never easy, but when you have to decide whether you will be White(evil) or Dark(good) because of who your parents are and the fate of your people the Angels rest in your hands, its even harder. Meet Princess Natasha Angelica Cortez the Princess who will change the world for the best or worst. Join her on her journey to decide her fate as well as her people along with friends, Ariadne Popkins and Gerard Jolson


2. Dining with Satan

I walked hand in hand with Gerard through the grand hall doors and was face to face with Satan himself, he looked just as he had the last time I saw him, black hair, swirled goatee and deep red eyes. I stood there in front of him hoping he would stop looking at me long enough for me to get over his unlawful beauty. He did as I silently wished and I stood up my head held high and I pronounced every syllable of my next sentence with grace and leadership.


"Hello Lucifer Lord of the Underworld welcome to my home in Meredith."


"Greetings Natasha Princess of Meredith I am but a humble guest in your beautiful realm of Meredith." he took my delicate looking hand and kissed it gently looking into my eyes the entire time. I felt Gerard next to me stiffen he didn't like the attention Lucifer was giving me.


"Hello Morning Star traitor of Refa, I see you have met my fiancee." Gerard said pleasantly.


"I see that a congratulations are in order Princess. You must be Sir Gerard Jolson. I assume you are a Light Angel?"


"No I'm a Dark Angel. Why do you ask?" Gerard replied testily .


"No reason Sir Gerard Jolson none at all. I must go and be seated. It has been a pleasure to see your beautiful face my dear Natasha."  he left us and my mother found me seconds later.


"What did he say to you?"


"He just congratulated me on my engagement to Gerard and said I was the most beautiful creature his eyes had laid upon since Lucinda."


"Oh alright then. Come I must seat you." I followed my mother while she unfurled her great giant black wings. I unfurled mine as well, everyone stared as always but I loved my wings and so did Gerard."PUT THOSE ABOMINATIONS AWAY NATASHA!" everyone stopped what they were doing and starred at my mother, and she looked around and her mother just looked at her mouth agape she floated up to my mother her face bright red,


"How dare you raise your voice at her! She has to make the hardest choice of her life today!"


"Mother I- understand her decision is because of her father's and my decision to marry."


"Mom you mean my curse is because of you two?"


"Natasha I'm sorry we didn't think Refa would do something like this."

"Mother just leave me, Grandmother will lead me to my seat." I stopped the childish tears before the could even form at the tear ducts, I would not cry and let everyone see my weakness.


"Darling I am ever so apologetic about my daughter she doesn't like change. Ah here is your seat my darling granddaughter."


"Thank you Grandma." I sat gracefully into my seat and Gerard placed himself to my right, we happened to look a crossed the table and saw Lucifer himself sitting rather calmly in his own.


"Hello Lucifer it is an honor to sit with you."


"It is?" Gerard whispered in my ear. I stifled a laugh and continued.


"I hope the sitting arrangements please you?"


"As long as God doesn't sit here also. But I must say I'm truly enjoying the view, it's simply gorgeous." I blushed knowing there was no windows behind me. And no girls. 


"Thank you for gracing us by your presence I know you must be busy causing havoc to the Human world."


"Ah I have demons for that my dear."


"Pity." I scanned the room for my father and I could not find him." I don't suppose you know where my father is, do you?"


"He is residing in his study, I assume you told him your decision?"


"Yes I have, I know he wanted me- never mind I know your trickery but you must wait like everyone else."


"Sir Gerard didn't."

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