Growing up as a princess is never easy, but when you have to decide whether you will be White(evil) or Dark(good) because of who your parents are and the fate of your people the Angels rest in your hands, its even harder. Meet Princess Natasha Angelica Cortez the Princess who will change the world for the best or worst. Join her on her journey to decide her fate as well as her people along with friends, Ariadne Popkins and Gerard Jolson


3. Ceremony of Havoc

"That is a completely different story Lucifer."


"Is it Princess?" I glanced at Gerard and he smirked.


"Gerard is my best friend and fiancee. I wouldn't expect you to understand the meaning of the word love."


"Ah but I do. Love you see, I created it."


"Liar. IF you created love then it is a sin, but it is not it is the most glorious gift a person can give."


"To angels in the Hierarchy of Heaven it is." 


"Well I know of the story Lucifer, but the ceremony is about to begin." As if on queue my father stepped onto the stage and announced in his deep gravelly voice.

"Welcome brother and sisters to a very important ceremony. My daughter the first of her kind is to make a very life changing decision. She must choose what kind of Angel she wants to be. She must choose to follow in my shoes or her mother's. She must choose wisely because the fate of worlds count on her decision. Either choice will undoubtedly upset the balance of Light and Dark, Evil and Good. So now without further a do I present my beautiful daughter Princess Natasha Angelica Cortez and her fiancee Sir Gerard Jolson." I stood while the clapping began and hooked my arm through Gerard's outstretched arm. I looked into my father's eyes and smiled my Princess smile. I looked up to Gerard and he smiled down at me. As we stepped up the stage stairs the audience silenced and if Meredith had crickets you could undoubtedly hear them chirping. My father welcomed me with a formal half hug his wings grazing my cheek.


"Natasha my dear daughter it is time to make your very important Decision I give you the stage." my father floated down the steps and I mounted the Decision block. Made especially for this day. I knelt on the block and God's voice echoed in the room. 


"PRINCESS NATASHA ANGELICA CORTEZ HYBRID OF GOOD AND EVIL YOU MUST MAKE YOUR DECISION OF WHICH SIDE OF THE BALANCE YOU DESIRE. FOLLOW YOUR FATHER PRINCE OF THE WHITE ANGELS, KING OF MEREDITH, OR YOUR MOTHER, PRINCESS OF THE DARK ANGELS, QUEEN OF MEREDITH." when God finished the speech I looked up into the clouds of Refa and voiced my Decision, but before I could say a word an arrow made from the deepest abyss rocks of Hell flew past me and hit my Royal Adviser in the chest. He fell from his stone like pose, blood erupting from his wound, everyone screamed and I looked around for the shooter. I spotted a retreating form, but it had no wings. It was either a demon, or a human. But I doubted it was a Human, humans can not survive here in the realm of Angels. So it had to be a demon, but why would a demon be working freelance? Or maybe Lucifer hired him to do this. But why? Did he know I was going to choose Dark? My father rushed to Chevanti's side and tried to stop the bleeding. He looked to me and asked me if I saw who did this.


"A demon, Daddy he retreated before I could get a good look at him."


"Alright stay with Chevanti, I'm going to look for that stupid demon." I knelt at Chevanti's side and applied pressure to his wound.


"Oh Chev, I'm so sorry that demon shot you."


"Hey Nat, its okay, Its going to be okay. But let me die please. A shot like this especially a demon blade I'm not going to live much longer."


"No you can't die if you do you won't go to Refa, you'll go into the Abyss."

"I know darling girl, but let me go." I let go of his would and I saw a golden light as his soul dropped from Meredith into the Abyss down in the Underworld. 


"Good bye Chev." I let a tear drop onto what once was his body and it burst into golden ash, he was a Dark Angel. I stood, his golden blood still on my hands. I picked up the arrow that killed one of my trusted friends. And sliced my own palm I was curious to what my blood looked like, as the burgundy blood formed  on my palm it glistened with shots of silver and gold. My mother came up behind me, and said,


"It will change when you make your decision. Now make it."


"I can't my Adviser was just murdered and I think I was the actual target."


"Natasha that's ridiculous just make the decision."


"Fine, you know for an Angel that's supposedly Dark you act awfully like a White angel." She slapped me then a crossed the face. She recoiled as if I had slapped her instead. I touched my delicate stinging skin and looked at her as if I didn't know her. The audience behind us gasped in shock and unison. "Mother, you hit me. Dark Angels are never supposed to hit another Angel. The White Angels are the warriors." my mother had never raised a hand towards me until today. My father had just came in and for a White Angel he had never struck me, actually he frowned upon violence he said he was born into the run side and he envied my free will to choose the side to my liking according to my personality.


"Calesta! How could you? How could you slap our daughter?"


"Oh Caspian I didn't mean to!"


"Yeah right mom, you know what I'm not making my decision right now, God can wait while I reconcile my decision to choose this side. Oh and Lucifer I don't know what your planning but I will find out." 

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