truth or dare

Emerald Green invites 50 people to the room of requirements. Only ten will get through. Who will they be?????


11. Unicorns

A/N:  Charlotte I am writing in the first person . So don't worry.


As soon as I entered ROR I heard familiar scream . Draco had been transformed into a unicorn, to his delight. On the other hand Jean was screaming  " I don't want a unicorn as my boyfriend."


To the amusement of Hermione , Jean ( Hermiones cousin) was punching Harry and Ron . " You vile loathsome cockroaches! "(She was doing a Hermione) Just as she climbed off them she quickly turned around and slapped them on the cheeks. She also high gives Hermione. 


Its started like this : "Everybody use these slips of paper and these quills and write a truth or dare . "

"But we don't have any link " said Harry . 

"You don't need any" I replied.


Just as I said that a scream came from Hermione . "How could you do this to us" she sounded shocked. A cry of pain came from the others. It turned out Jean had given them a few of Umbriges quills to Hermione , Harry , Collin Creevy, Neville and draco. 


"They don't stay forever . They wear off after one minute"

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