truth or dare

Emerald Green invites 50 people to the room of requirements. Only ten will get through. Who will they be?????


8. truth

"RIGHT" emerald yelled. It was the second proper meeting and she was stressed out. After taking a deep breath, she announced "does anyone have any truths?"

Slowly, Colin Creevey trod towards. " I want to ask my brother in the first year if he's ever snogged  a girl in his year!" 

Annoyed at Colin, Dennis spoke "Yes I have. Last night I snogged my girlfriend, Tegan Frenning. In case you don't believe me, we'll show you how we do it. Come on Tegan, let's show `em!" 

Colin scowled as his brother showed everyone his kissing tactics. This wasn't supposed to be a dare as well!

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