truth or dare

Emerald Green invites 50 people to the room of requirements. Only ten will get through. Who will they be?????


5. The kiss

I strolled into the room of requirements , now a barley meadow with a circle of toadstools . Lots of people looked scared, which I liked. 

"Hi guys"

"Hi Emerald"  A few murmed back 

"I've got dares. The first one I got is frommyself. I dare Jean Granger to kiss Ron" Jean looked down at the ground and said "Sorry Draco this won't mean anything . You know I love you forever and always"

Hermione looked paler than ever ! The kiss loomed. Everyone was tense. Ron being as stupid as he is,he tripped over and ended up snogging cho Chang . This time Ron knew he had to do it .

Ron started to go in and surprised as Jean smashed her lips onto his , she stood on her shoelace and tripped over as Ron came in for seconds. Hermione started crying and done the finger to Ron.

Then Draco and Jean started making out in the fields. Ron turned pale and looked at Hermione using chat up lines to make her feel loved again

A/N: Hi guys do you like this chapter cause I do . Please comment because I'm begging for more.



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