truth or dare

Emerald Green invites 50 people to the room of requirements. Only ten will get through. Who will they be?????


9. discustion

After seeing the two first years together, lots of the gang members realised the meaning of true love for the first time in ages, but this also made Crabbe and Goyle leave. Nobody really understood why they hadn't left with Draco, but some mysteries are to remain unsolved.

A couple of minutes later three girls entered the room of requirements. Apparently, the news that the three Slytherins left had spread around the school like lightning. The girls were all in the third year and quite rude. As soon as they had been welcomed the tallest one said "I dare Emerald Green to snog Harry Potter". Disgusted, emerald slowly approached him. He looked as if he was going to be sick. Grabbing her round the waist, he gritted his teeth and kissed her for three seconds. They broke apart, and both went to wash their lips. Tot`s disgustion!

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