The Cousin

Amanda's parents are divorced,and when she found out she has a new uncle who has a son named calum hood,her whole life changed....


1. The uncle

"Hey gurls"I greeted my besties,Megan,Marea and Jamie as I stolled into school."hey ," they replied

Just then,the bell rang.Ugh.i thought to myself.It was time for the dreaded math lesson.As I walked into class with my friends,our teacher,Mrs Williams walked up to me and told me that my mum wanted to see me.

Reluctantly,I walked with Mrs Williams and found my mother sitting with Aunt Carrie and a man.

"Amanda,I would like to introduce you to Uncle David.He is your new uncle.Aunt Carrie had just gotten married to him."

I took a while to process it in.

"Ok mum....." I responded.

"And for the time being,we will be living with uncle David.Uncle David has a son.His name is Calum Hood.

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