Love Me? ~Luke Hemmings~

Charli Le Roux wasn't really one of the popular, snobby, cake-faced girls nor was she a nobody. How can someone as popular as Luke Hemmings notice her? or was she just delusional? All make believe?

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2. I Don't Even Know Her

Luke's P.O.V.

I keep my head down while Mrs. Floyd called up someone for the performances, she calls up a girl named Charli?  Never heard of her before, I knew who Michael; we still hated each other though. I look up a girl with brown hair and a guy who had one hell of a fringe. Once Michael started playing the first chords I instantly recognized the song, Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus. I start to tap my fingers to  the beat quietly, I may be popular but no one really known me as a musical person. Michael and Charli harmonize perfectly but of coarse I am not going too admit that to the guy I absolutely despise. I take time to fully take in Charli's features, her brown eyes glued to Michael (A/N: LUKEY'S JELLY), an eyebrow piercing, her brown waves cascading down past her shoulders to her torso, green day shirt with not-so-ripped skinny jeans with a pair of black converse to top it off. I feel Michael glaring at me every few seconds, clearly thinking I was checking Charli out, i admit she's hot but everyone knows I'm going out with Saffron (most popular girl in year 9). Saffron can sometimes be bitchy and snobby but she's my girlfriend, she also has a nice and caring side. 

Saffron: Babe what so you think about their performance?

Me: They were alright, I guess

Saffron: Yeah, i guess. I mean I know I sing better than Charli and I know it

Me: Yep

Saffron: Come on, we're up next let's show these losers what talent is

Me: Whatever you say *rolls eyes*

I grab my guitar following my girlfriend up to the front of the class. I position myself comfortably on the stool and wait for Saffron to give me the signal to start.

"Hi los- everyone, as you all know  I am Saffron and this is my boyfriend Luke," She sad gesturing  to me. I give a small wave to no one in particular.

"We're going to be performing 'She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5,"she signals me to start strumming the chords

"Beauty queen of only 18 she's having trouble with herself...." she started

[ A/N Guys it's the She will be loved cover by Luke and Aleisha]

We finished the song,  applause filled the room as we walked back to our seats. Out of everyone clapping Charli, Emma and Michael were having their own conversations, not even applauding with the class. A few more performances happened but for the whole time no one seemed to notice that I wasn't even paying attention to them or the class, I was just watching Charli and Michael have a conversation, Charli laughing at some joke Michael probably cracked. At some point Michael kissed Charli  on the cheek, I don't know why but that sent a pang of jealousy through me.. Why would I be jealous? I have Saffron and I am the most popular guy in our year, why would I be jealous of my arch enemy having a girl that I just knew existed today. The bell rang everyone rushed out except me and some other people as well as Michael and Charli. I slowed down my pace in putting my stuff in my back pack, I glance at them every few seconds. Michael whispered something in her ear that made her blush, I felt something inside me ache a little. No, Luke you don't know her or even own her.  I finish packing my things and just run out.



Hey guys,  I am sorry for the really short chapter I'll try to make it up to you in the next one







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