Literary Analysis: Divergent, Veronica Roth

;P Gonna get hate for no reason


2. To the Author's Credit

I think Veronica Roth writes very well. Stephanie Meyer shares this quality. The quality of writing is gripping and it draws you in and makes you believe in the reality they present. I mean, the emotions (save a few odd scenes) are very real and the descriptions of the scenery is vivid, captivating.
Those moments of excitement and danger are well-written and the moments of hallucination are depicted in an well-explained manner.

I particularly liked the part with the zip-line, I think.

But some of the things that are implanted into the story were either not very well-thought-out (because I hope they weren't intentional) or they were cannibalised from other stories. I didn't really appreciate that. I COULDN'T appreciate that.


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