Literary Analysis: Divergent, Veronica Roth

;P Gonna get hate for no reason


9. Spartan~

I honestly think you should do more of these. It's interesting to hear others opinions about stories that I have read. (And even confirm some similar thoughts I had). Also I don't know if you had anything to say about how frustrating it got for me when Veronica Ross would have a romantic scene between Tris and Tobias and then it would get to the point where (incoming I don't want to scare anyone away when I say this but I have read way to many older adult novels) you would be like "and then they do it right?" But that would never happen?? It left me feeling confused and coming the conclusion she only wrote it that way so it was appropriate.”

First of all, thanks, but I don't know. Someone requested that I read City of Bones and them deliver my opinion on it, but I'll only do that if I have some means of criticism. Which would mean I'd have to read a lot of crappy fictions, which I don't know if I have the time for that. And also, I don't tend to read crappy stuff or watch crappy movies. I guess I could do Twilight, but I would have to refresh my memory, which I just... don't want to do.

Secondly, I found the relationship between Tris and Four exceedingly creepy. It just sort of bugged me. I honestly thought, after Tris rejected Al, she'd go for Will.
And then there were all those weird romantic moments that went suddenly stale? I mean there was the bit by the fountain after Al commits suicide and Tobias is sharing all his feelings and Tris is sharing all of hers (because that's what cruel instructor and moody student do in those days?) and they're talking and talking and even though I didn't like the pair up I was thinking “GOD, JUST KISS HER ALREADY AND GET IT OVER WITH!!” and then there was the bit before that, when Al and Peter and Drew attack her and she ends up sharing a room with Tobias - why couldn't she just stay overnight in the hospital place? But yeah, I did think at one point they were going to “do it” (not that you can blame me for thinking that, Edward and Bella “did it” in Breaking Dawn - and besides the fact that Edward is UNDEAD, it was still considered legit), but apparently Tris is afraid of intimacy and Tobias - the eighteen year old instructor living in the most inaccurately free faction after leaving the disciplinarian faction, who is handsome, strong, mysterious and has apparently no problems in sharing his feelings - is still a virgin. Hey, I'm not saying it's impossible or a bad thing, but Veronica Roth really did set the bar WAY up there.

The author was probably just trying to make it 12+ or something (ignoring all the violence and one reference to sexual assault). The child-market is much wider than the adult-only market - since adults also read books aimed at teens and children (myself, for example).

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