Literary Analysis: Divergent, Veronica Roth

;P Gonna get hate for no reason


11. Prodigy

Wow, I think you really hit the nail on the head. "I absolutely hate it when my favorite characters are killed off." you plan on reading the rest of the series? XD

I kind of already answered this in the comments, but I'll just... You know.
I really hate it when my favourite characters are killed off. It's why I finished reading the Hunger Games (FC: Haymitch) and didn't finish reading Harry Potter (FC: Sirius Black). But believe me I do that with everything. It's like the cure to my closure problem: if my favourite character goes and dies, you can be sure as hell I don't give a monkey's backside what happens in the rest of the story. Unless they die for a purpose that I can actually understand (like how Obi-Wan has to die in Star Wars? Or Dumbledore in Harry Potter?).

I recently stopped watching the 100 (TV series), even the reruns, because Bellamy Blake dies (today's the season finale on E4 so ;P, those of you who watch it, should be watching it, not reading this delightful spoiler) instead of Finn. God. I hate Finn.
Seriously, how do you have the choice of killing off either Bellamy or Finn - and decide Bellamy is better off dead?

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