Literary Analysis: Divergent, Veronica Roth

;P Gonna get hate for no reason


15. Molly Looby

I have never thought too hard about it and now you're making me question my beloved Divergent! How could you?
But seriously, the Dauntless piercing/hair thing - I never thought of that but you're so right!
And when I was reading it I did feel Roth killed off too many people too fast - she does that in the other 2 as well by the way. She creates a character, they serve their purpose, then they die. It's like she doesn't know that she's allowed to keep them if she wants because she runs the place.
About Tris and Katniss being similar, I kind of see it but having read 2 and 3 would have to disagree because if I was to meet one in real life (in my dreams more like) I would pick Katniss. Tris started to annoy me further on but that was a good thing because I may have not liked her so much but I still wanted to follow her story if that makes sense.
But your comments are completely justified and I enjoyed reading them!

So flattered that you read this, by the way xD.

Um, see that's one thing I don't understand. As an unpublished writer, I find it so hard to kill off characters I actually like. I tend to kill off a lot of people, but that's mainly because I write war-related stories and when I have to let one of my more prominent characters go - it's like killing off my own baby. I'm sitting there, typing and crying.
How can the author of Divergent just do that?
Kill off and torture so many characters for next-to-no-reason (but still keep Peter alive!)? Like you kill of Tris's mum with a heroic death, fine. Why does Tris's father have to face a similar fate? Injure him, wound him, knock him out - why did he have to die? What purpose does that serve? And Al. God, Al!
Why did he have to commit suicide? The movie presented it like it was because he would become factionless, but the book made it look like because Tris wouldn't forgive him. The guy was like as soft as a bunny! You don't do that to bunny people! And I don't understand how he would go from liking Tris to trying to throw her into the chasm. That makes no sense to me.
There are a lot of why's I could stick to this story, there isn't a point in just writing a whole new analysis.

Tris isn't like Katniss. They share some factors, but they aren't alike. My point was that Divergent takes some things from the Hunger Games. Like both protagonists being from similar districts/backgrounds, the writing style being very similar, some of the experiences that both characters go through, similar as hell characters, the whole testing phase where candidates are eliminated (HG in the actual games, and Divergent in the initiation process). And, I didn't realise this until was pointed out to me, but the first Hunger Games book and the first Divergent book even end the same way - on a train, uncertain future with a plausible future spouse/lover?

I get it, though. I don't usually like main characters, which was why I was okay with how annoying Tris was. And Veronica Roth has a very captivating way of writing. It's just some of her ideas, characters and plotline nonsensicalities that irritated me. But the writing itself is quite good. I just don't know how her editors didn't pick up on her very prominent flaws. I wonder if she has any background in politics or history - because those two things are essential when writing a dystopian. She didn't seem to take those things into consideration.

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