Literary Analysis: Divergent, Veronica Roth

;P Gonna get hate for no reason


10. John Bryan

[Note: Your messages were really long, so editted out some of it]

I was just finishing writing a comment when I stupidly managed to hit the refresh button, so annoyed and I can't be bothered to write it all out again, so I'll just sum up...

I have to disagree with you about the movie... I saw the film version and I have to say I wasn't too impressed... My biggest problem with the film was it just felt incredibly slow, even the pacing in the action scenes felt like they went on to long.

I've no idea how much experience the director has with shooting action but to me it didn't feel exciting or particularly tense.

I'm sure some of you out there may have liked it, if you did I'm glad someone got something out of it...

...I haven't yet gotten any further in my reading of the book but I feel you nailed it on what is an okay story wrapped up in a fairly ludicrous premise.

Only successful because it had a female lead character (not that that's a bad thing) Tris is at least interesting like Katniss not wholly annoying like Bella from Twilight.

In my opinion it's that and the insipid romance plot that allowed the publishers to aim it at a teenage market and ride the coat tails of the success of The Hunger Games.

In conclusion I don't know if I now want to continue reading it as I have no problem dumping a book and never picking it up again if I'm not enjoying it.

I main thought after reading this is have you ever thought of becoming a book reviewer if not professionally maybe for your local newspaper, as you do have a keen eye for detail and great way of stating your opinion

I hate it when that happens: when you finished writing a 3999-character comment and then the page has a spas-attack and refreshes itself. Couldn't pick a better time, right? XD

I'll digress.

The movie I wouldn't rate a 6/10 but I do feel it was better than the original story. That, what I said right there, should be highly offensive.
Firstly, the sequence of the story in the Divergent movie made more sense. For example, the way Four teaches Tris to overcome her fears the Dauntless way by showing her his fears and asking her to help conquer them by avoiding the whole Divergent manipulation tool - rather than show Tris his fear-landscape just for the sake of it. And then at the end of the movie, Tris actually gets to confront the major villain, which doesn't happen in the book (not really anyway. Jeanine's mentioning in the book is so scant, you'd think she's barely relevant o.O).

About the pacing - that's because the story is also very slow. The movie actually went faster than the actual story - cutting out all the 'finding self' bits. It reminded me of the second book in the Inheritance series, Eldest by Christopher Paolini? When he goes on and on and on and on and on *a few years later* and on about the elves? It's like “GODDAMMIT WE KNOW WHAT ELVES ARE. GET A MOVE ON.” That's how tedious parts of Divergent were. Dauntless: insane and stupid and everything older generations see as the behaviour of the modern teenager - we get it. Move on.
One thing that the movie-makers cut out did bug me, though - Al's interest in Tris. In the book, he does try to start a relationship with her and she rejects him. Al shares qualities with the Hunger Games's Peeta - sensitive, doesn't like hurting people, doesn't want a test to change him, and also quite brawny and doesn't know his own strength - so I did feel that they owed it to the character to capture him in his... finest moments.

I think the movie was fairly low-budget - the violence seemed a little under-played for a full-on violent story.

But on your point about how interesting Tris is, at some points in the story, Tris does Bella-out. She strikes you as so boring and stupid at some points. Throughout the story and on some crucial points she keeps asking herself or the reader - what is Divergent?
Why is that important?
The fact is, she's it and everyone wants her dead for it. She can't fit into a faction because she fits into too many of them.
In essence, Divergent is basically a person who can control the simulations that people in that time are put under for their tests and as part of Dauntless initiation.
But from what she had to work with, shouldn't it have been obvious that she's too much of everything and that her society is so bent on grouping people? Shouldn't it have been obvious that, because she can't be grouped, she goes against the entire system?
It's basic common sense, not mind-blowing rocket science.

Seriously, John, just dump it. Unless you bought it (like myself because I'm that stupid), in which case it's totally up to you what you want to do with it.

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