Literary Analysis: Divergent, Veronica Roth

;P Gonna get hate for no reason


7. Conclusion

So yeah. Now that I've got that all off of my chest, feel free to leave your comments or abuse or whatever. I make a point of not reporting comments, so, yeah - feel free.

Opinions are opinions after all.

I honestly believe that the movie was better than the book [which should be highly offensive to any writer] - and that's saying something for me, by the way:
The Hunger Games was alright, but I hated the Harry Porter movies [except for maybe the first, because I hadn't read the book at that time] and the first Percy Jackson was just horrible. I love LotR, but I am never forgiving Peter Jackson for leaving out Tom Bombadil [seriously, look it up]. I'm hoping against hope that they don't make a Skulduggery Pleasant one, because I know they'll screw it up. Derek Landy already scrapped one scripting.

But anyway, even though some of the characters where not how I expected them to look [Eric, especially. But also Christina being shorter than Tris. And Four's face and voice just being so... I don't want to offend, I really don't, but he looked and sounded annoying. Eric, on the other hand, looked hot. To an extent] and even though every logical point I've made still stands - the sequence of the plotline in the movie works better, Jeanine's more pronounced involvement in the story enhances the gravity of the tension and the acting was INCREDIBLE for a fairly low-budget [I'm assuming] movie. Didn't make me cry [which I'm fairly susceptible to] but I think the movie was worth the watch.

The book gave me too many cases of deja vu and kept me up a few hours at night.

So go on.
Tell me this is why I would be an Erudite.

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