Remorseless Curse

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  • Published: 24 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 24 Sep 2014
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For the Seventh Miss Hatfield competition


1. Remorseless Curse

Head on chest with eyes shut tight

Hands over ears, escping the light
Knees curled under and nose inhaling dust
Can't move a muscle. I can't. Must I must?

Accidentally touching the walls
Holding my breath as they crumble and fall
One more move and it will all be done
Everything gone now. No one left. None. 

Slowly, my muscles start to unwind
Carefully, to carefully, calm down my mind
Keeping inside and never stepping away
A circle tight around me, one touch and they'll fray

Looking around now, others avert their eyes
They can't hear my pleas and they can't hear my cries
I'm to dangerous, they say, yet another of the cursed
But it's not like I'm new, there's no way I'm the first

Stepping forwards and then stepping back,
underneath my feet, the concrete creaks and cracks
The circle widens more, but doesn't allow anyone else in,
Tight, to tight, in this hold of such sin

I know if I rush forward and touch another
They'll crumble like those walls and I'll have to find cover
I can feel the hate that they have towards me
But I wish, my pain, I wish they would see

One touch from me and you'll fall and die
Soul stolen from your lips before you can cry
This curse that I have was given to me young
I don't know how I survived but it's always been there and clung

Forever alone, that's what I'll be,
Forever alone, that's what they all see
Don't help her, they say, she's a lost cause,
Don't help her, they say, this is a curse without remorse 

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