Memories of Time

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  • Published: 24 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 24 Sep 2014
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Poem for The Seventh Miss Hatfield competition


1. Memories of Time

My first memory was when I was on a slide,

My head was flung back and my mouth open wide

In my hands I clutched a toy and had no care in the world
But as the years get older, all these memories are getting twirled.

In my sleep I travel, backwards and forwards in time
The memories join and crumble, but to me, that's no crime.
I see my future and I see the past, creeping through the haze
I see things that have never happened and things that have, memories of my days

I remember the arrival of my siblings, my family growing big
I remember the pets we had, dogs horses and a pig
I remember my first bike ride and the first time I fell off,
I remember the good and the bad, I remember the health and the coughs

But I dream of my future and what I will be 
I dream of my future family and like what I see
I dream of my job and the things I will own
I dream of banking the cheques and taking out a house loan

Time travel is a gift we all have inside,
It's not just for the Doctor, but for those tears we have cried
We all dream of our futures and also remember our pasts
But it's up to use if we remember them with tears or maybe lots of laughs

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