Abandoned*ON HOLD*

Katrina has everything. A sweet boyfriend, a loving family, nice clothes,popularity and beautiful dancing. But in an instant, that's all taken away from her. Her family is murdered and she is the prime suspect. Her so called "boyfriend" breaks up with her for another girl, while she is shoved to the side by the same girl at school and everyone resents her. Ever since, her dancing has been terrible from all the pressure. She has no one to lean on and cry. In attempt to bring back her life, she try's to find the murderer. She can trust no one and must act alone. On the run from all the haters of the world, will she find out what happened? Will she find better friends than before?

Sorry but this story is on hold for now. I am very busy these days and I don't have 4 arms!


1. Crash on my life and destroy it.

Katrina's pov

Katrina walked to her local high school in her fav tattered jeans and fashionable sweater. Feather earring hung from her ears and her black heeled boots made clomping sounds on the sidewalk. Her light brown hair was bulled into a bun and her green eyes darted across the schoolyard. She strutted up the steps and walked to her locker. She opened it to be greeted by pictures of her family, boyfriend and besties. A white board sat on the door and a shelf for her textbooks and many books(she loved to read. Nerdy yet stylish!) she dropped of her bag and took her textbooks for first period out and slammed the locker shut. She was about to leave when her boyfriend, Liam, walked up to her. She smiled and hugged him. She kissed him and grabbed his hand. "Hey" he said. "Hey" I replied. I flashed a smile. "What do you have first?" "Math" he said with a sour look. "I've got drama." Liam pouted about not being in class together. "We have science together!" I pointed out. He smiled. "Alright I have to get to drama!" I said. We bid each other goodbye and I walked to class.


After going to the mall I carpooled home and went inside. I walked in and set down my house keys in the front entrance. I walked in and shrieked. My parents and little sister lay bloody on the floor. I ran to them and checked if they were breathing. There was no pulse in all of them. I saw a bloody knife lying on the counter. I picked it up when my neighbours,Mr and Mrs Rugeby burst in. They looked at me wide eyed. Mrs Rugeby carried a phone and I could tell they had dialled 911. "It's not what it looks like!" I yelled. I dropped the knife and bolted. I ran up the block when the police showed up. I realized my hands were bloody from my family. "Stop!" One yelled and I backed up. Another policeman came up from behind and handcuffed me. I screamed and thrashed. Tears streamed down my face. My vision blurred from the tears as I was dragged back home. My neighbours explained what they saw and I sat crying in a cop car. People were gathering into a crowd and I slumped in my seat as far down as I could. The police came back and got into the car. "Where are you taking me?" I asked in a shaking voice. "Questioning." The driver said gruffly. I sighed and stared out the window.

When we arrived I was pushed through the police station to a interrogation room. I was shoved into a seat and questioned. Afterwards I was shoved into a cell. I lay on the bench and cried. I soon fell asleep and had nightmares of my family's death. A girl came into my house and my mother screamed. My sister ran downstairs from her room with her phone. That's when the girl ran up to her and stabbed her before she could call the police. She did the same to my parents and left the knife where I had found it. She cleaned her hands and ran out,her face covered with a hoodie. I woke sweating and wet from crying. I covered my face with my hands and wept. My life was over.


I stared at the wall thought. How would I get out? Just then, a policeman came by. "You have a visitor" he came in and handcuffed me once more and dragged me to the visitation area and I sat down in a chair. Another officer came in with Liam. I smiled and he came over. "Hey!" I was about to kiss him when he pulled away. "This isn't going to work" he said. My head became dizzy. "What do you mean?" I asked trying to keep my cool. "I'm breaking up with you." "But you know I didn't do it! " I said,on the verge of tears. "I love someone else. It's not the fact you are a crazed murderer-" "But I'm not!" I but in but he ignores this. "It's the fact that there are girls prettier than you." "Oh,so you never liked me?!" I yelled and got up. "Then I guess you are the crazed one." I stalked back to my cell without an escort.

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