Holland Welsh is special. No one really knows who she is and what she does in her spare time, all they know is that she randomly leaves class and doesn't come back until the next day and that she loves gym class. Holland id incredibly smart and good at basically everything, it's a pity really that no body notices her.

Holland Welsh is a slightly above average girl with one very strange secret.

Can one boy change all that? One certain boy; Mitch Henderson, is it possible that he could change everything? Or will he end up like all the others, collateral damage?


1. The Life of Grey

It's a need, I have to do it. There is no 'going cold Turkey' with something like this. Some people have stupid hobbies like knitting and painting faces on paper, my hobby is not stupid, its more, frightful. Killing people is not something that most people enjoy, but I am different. I enjoy the blood oozing out of their wounds and the sparkle of life fading from their beautiful eyes. I enjoy the fact that I have ended their existence, I crave the sound of their final breath, so shallow and gurgled. I guess its all Ive ever known, I kind of have to love it. 


Her breathing is shallow and quiet, not wanting to make a sound. The blond hair on top of her head whips into the air in an almost ghostly manor. It suits her, the ghostliness, she is quiet, stealthy and can terrify any man that looks her in the eye.
There is something about her eyes, you look at them and you cannot look away. One is almost black, being the darkest brown anyone has ever seen, and the other, the lightest of purple, like it cannot decide whether it wants to be purple or white. Its not that she has some special power that makes people stare at her eyes, they are just so unusual that people somehow cannot look away. She uses this to her advantage. She will look them in the eye and then strike, this is only used for those who are horribly cruel. She wants them to see their death coming, see the final moments of their life and she wants to see the horror in their eyes when they realise their life is about to be ended by a girl. 

Others though, are not that unfortunate. For others, she will strike when they are not looking and will never look them in the eyes. Most don't deserve that kind of pain. She tries to be painless, only occasionally will she love and crave the sound of someones mangled cry of death. 

No one knows her true identity. They only know of the name she was given, that she has to tell them. No one knows who she works for, not even her. All she knows is that when he calls, she cannot say no.
She loves fulfilling her commands and hearing his praise at the end. 

He just has one of those voices.

This is the life of Grey.



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