Holland Welsh is special. No one really knows who she is and what she does in her spare time, all they know is that she randomly leaves class and doesn't come back until the next day and that she loves gym class. Holland id incredibly smart and good at basically everything, it's a pity really that no body notices her.

Holland Welsh is a slightly above average girl with one very strange secret.

Can one boy change all that? One certain boy; Mitch Henderson, is it possible that he could change everything? Or will he end up like all the others, collateral damage?


3. Sebastian Connor



'Well Ms Grey, it seems I have a new job for you.' I have no idea why he called me 'Ms Grey' my name was Grey, and everyone knew that. I guess he was being chivalrous. 

'Good. I was getting used to everyday life, we wouldn’t want that now would we. Put me off my game?' I liked toying with him, it was fun. He got all flustered and his voice changed pitch, it was really quite amusing. 

'No we certainly would not. Now back to the matter at hand. Sebastian Connor, an odd fellow. He seems to think that selling drugs to minors is a wonderful enterprise. Not only does he do this, he talks about us, our organisation and everything that we are. He's trying to get us known to the public, and we certainly can not have that. Your job, my dear Grey, is to dispose of him in the most subtle of manners. Do whatever you want to him, but do not make a mess that can not be cleaned. I want this done by Friday.' 

With those as our last words, I was left with the sound of beeping from my phone. I hadn’t had a job in a while, life was starting to get a little repetitive and tedious. This should certainly spice things up a little. 

I was now at my desk, researching this Sebastian Connor fellow with the technology the Resters put on my computer. The Resters were basically the nerds of the Compound, the sat around all day on their chairs and programmed things. New technologies for the Compound and for the people that live outside it -which was only the highly ranked, Landers and Flyers. The rest of the Compound lived in an underground facility called, well, Compound. It was a very unoriginal name now, but years ago when it was built it was used to hold prisoners of the highest caliber and it was called Compound, I guess the name just stuck. Either that or they couldn’t be bothered with the paperwork of changing the name. 

Anyways, Sebastian Connor. He's basically a low life, not one of my hardest jobs, but still, a jobs a job. He just sells drugs to teens and then goes and tells the world about our organisation. I don’t know where he got his information, but from his blog (this guy is serious, he has a blog. Said no one ever.) he's pretty dead on with most of his information. Except in his forum, the infamous Grey, the one that is almost unstoppable, the most feared person in London, is male. He seems to have an obsession with me, well, who he thinks is me. Just wait until he sees who’s about to take his life. 

I found where he works, in central London at the side of some foul bar/nightclub type of thing. Central London is about a half an hour away from me, one of the many perks of living in semi-central London.

Theres a knock at my door before my mothers head pops through. Her warning gave me just enough time to close the window of my snooping and click into some silly game.

"Holland honey, its probably time for bed." My mum smiles before walking over to me and hugging me tightly. "I love you kid." She says quietly before walking out of my door. 

My bedroom is sound proof, a perk of being a terrible singer and demanding to do singing lessons. It seems quite mean that someone would soundproof their daughters room because they are a terrible singer, but it was John's idea. He couldn’t stand my singing. Honestly, I was terrible on purpose. In fact, my teacher thought I was really quite good. That was before I quit anyway, who knows what I sound like now.

Tomorrow, I decided, my friends and I would be taking a lovely trip to central London.  




"Okay honey, have a great time with your friends for the weekend!" My mum, so trusting, she doesn’t even know a thing about my life and what I do outside of school. 

Sometime I feel bad about lying to her, the smile on her face as I ask her if I can socialise with my friends and the proud look on her face whenever I seem happy. If only she knew she raised a serial killer, the good kind, of course. 

The drive to central London was longer than I had anticipated. Instead of getting to my hotel -courtesy of Compound- in the middle of the afternoon, I arrived at peak party time. Isn’t traffic wonderful? I really should have planned that better than I had. 

I had no time to snoop around, I had to get ready. My plan was to get all pretty and pampered, go to the disgusting club, act drunk, accidentally stumble into Connors dealing room and then I would slaughter him. I was craving blood tonight.

My dress was tight and black, reaching just below my butt with holes in the front revealing a generous amount of boob and also a healthy chunk of my toned stomach. The killer heals I was wearing might have actually been able to kill someone, being six inches high and very very thin. I had my hair loose down my back and my makeup had been done to make me look slightly trashy. I was ready to go. 

The club was raging and loud, but it was nothing I wasn’t used to. The bright lights assaulted my eyes and fog certainly wasn’t helping anyone move. It was about a foot thick and laid comfortably on the ground. 

I walked over to the bar and ordered a shot, ignoring a few of the cat calls people shot my way. 

"Whats a pretty girl like you doing drinking alone?" The bartender asked. He looked about my age, maybe a little older, although Im not good with ages. He had dark brown hair that was swept over his forehead in a stylish way and he had sparkling eyes, a blue grey colour. He had braces that showed when he smiled and a small scar above his top lip. I instantly wondered how he had acquired it.

"Well, Im not really that pretty" I paused and he scoffed "at least, not on the inside." The liquid inside that tiny shot glass felt like a thousand tiny fires starting on my throat. I loved it, I wanted to feel the pain.

"Well, with the outside looking like it does, you could fool anyone." Was he not so subtly hitting on me or was he just being nice? I walked away, heading to where I thought Connor would be. 

Considering the door I stumbled into had a tiny marijuana plant scratched into the top right corner, I wasn’t surprised to see three boys sitting there alone, obviously waiting to buy some 'happiness'. 

Two of the boys looked at me in shock from one side of a large table, the third boy didn’t look the slightest bit amused. The first two boys looked to be around fifteen and the other, much older, Id say twenty one? 

I giggled "Hi, are you guys having a tea party?" I bit my lip, I needed proof that this what what I thought. 

The oldest guy stood up "No, not quite. This is more of a special tea party." He placed a tiny packet of dry green leaves on the table. The other guys slammed some money down, took the bag and ran. That was all the evidence I needed. 

I stumbled over to him, watching as his eyes took in my exposed body. "Can we have a special tea party?" I placed a hand on his chest and smiled. "Im Mia" 

"Sebastian and we will have a very special night. But we are not having a tea party, if you know what I mean." His eyes landed on my chest, I stood on my tippy toes and leaned into his ear. 

"I think I know exactly what you mean." 

He took my hand and led my through a door, we walked down hallways for a few minutes, giving me time to look at him. 


He had messy blond hair and brown eyes, the structure of his face was amazing. This guy was fine, maybe, just maybe, I'll treat myself to a little fun...

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