Holland Welsh is special. No one really knows who she is and what she does in her spare time, all they know is that she randomly leaves class and doesn't come back until the next day and that she loves gym class. Holland id incredibly smart and good at basically everything, it's a pity really that no body notices her.

Holland Welsh is a slightly above average girl with one very strange secret.

Can one boy change all that? One certain boy; Mitch Henderson, is it possible that he could change everything? Or will he end up like all the others, collateral damage?


4. Sebastian Connor- Mission Accomplished

Okay so I had a little help from my friend who watches a lot of messed up movies to write the first half... Just letting you know


We were in his room, making out. His tongue was down my throat and my arms around his neck, he certainly knew what he was doing. His hands travelled down towards my ass, he squeezed and lifted me into the air, I wrapped my legs around his waist and started grinding ever so softly.

He moaned into my mouth and moved us towards the bed, I landed with a thud on my back bouncing slightly, a giggle escaped my lips. "Oh my gosh do you wanna try something?" I bit my lip and made sure to look just a little sheepish. 

He smirked, seeming to know full well where this was going. "What do you have in mind babe" I looked down at my exposed stomach wondering when my dress had disappeared. I flipped us over and straddled him then, going right up to his ear in what I hoped was a seductive way, I whispered "bondage". 


The room was quite nice really, with a good view of the city, it also had great furnishings. It was a decent size, it was big enough to fit in a queen sized bed on one wall with two small tables to the side, a couch at the back of the bed with a TV mounted on the wall in front of it. There was also a very small bathroom that just had a toilet, sink and bath, but what else do you need really? 

Looking back over to the bed, I was really quite pleased with what I had accomplished. His wrists and ankles were tied with four of the many ties he had in his suitcase. There wasn’t really any blood, which disappointed me slightly, but I would have my fun with this dirt bag later. I had choked him, saying it was part of 'our little game'. He was such a great help in his own murder, it was sad really...

I untied his wrists and slung his dead frame over my shoulder, awkwardly opening the bathroom door, I stepped in and dropped him in the bath. 

Now all I had to do was go and get some bleach. I walked out down the stairs to the main floor which was still loud and lively, people jumping up and down and others making out in the middle of the dance floor.

After visiting the nearest supermarket and buying a freakishly heavy amount of bleach (to which the lady at the register said 'wow thats enough to drown a person.' I then explained that it was for my sisters wedding and all of the dresses weren’t the right colour, they were too bright. It was a pathetic excuse but she seemed to believe my lie) I walked back to the club.

I make my way back up to the room, hoping that no one saw me and my buckets of bleach. I walked like the walls were my best-friends and held the bleach between me and it, not one person glanced my way, they were all too preoccupied by some guys on the stage screaming their throats out.

His body sizzled and his skin shrivelled then fell off. The smell of the bleach was stinging my nostrils and I cringed when the smell seemed to go into my mouth.  But it was all worth it when the smell of blood flooded my nostrils. A metallic taste filled my mouth and ecstasy washed over me in a rush of pure unadulterated lust. To some, this would be foul and vile, but to me, it was the biggest turn on there is. 


"How was your trip Honey? Did you have a good time with your friends?" Mother greeted me as soon as I stepped into the house. I was still feeling very happy from my last job-which was only a few hours ago. 

"It was amazing, we had so much fun. I'll tell you about it later, but right now, Im really tired." Mum nodded and I walked upstairs to call Him.

'My darling Grey, how was you assignment? Have any problems?' 

'Ha, oh yes my amazing master. I am terribly sorry but the mission failed, I don’t know what to do..." 

'You have quite a sense of humour Miss Grey, but I would never believe such a lie. You have never failed me before and I know how much you love those hotel room bathtubs.' 

'Haha oh, you know me so well.'

'Yes, I do. Your payment is in the usual spot.'

And with that, our friendly chat is over and I head out the backdoor to my 'usual spot'. 

The spot is a small patch of trees in a near by park. There are seven trees but only one of them is of use to me. It's the smallest tree in the bunch with a tiny little hollow near the trunk, only I can open the small hatch that lies beneath. Theres a small fingerprint scanner covered by some rocks and dirt, only my fingerprint can open it. 

When the hatch opens my money is not there, instead a small cloud of gas that burns the inside of my nose when it hits me in the face. 

Everything goes blank.

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