Holland Welsh is special. No one really knows who she is and what she does in her spare time, all they know is that she randomly leaves class and doesn't come back until the next day and that she loves gym class. Holland id incredibly smart and good at basically everything, it's a pity really that no body notices her.

Holland Welsh is a slightly above average girl with one very strange secret.

Can one boy change all that? One certain boy; Mitch Henderson, is it possible that he could change everything? Or will he end up like all the others, collateral damage?


5. Meeting Him


"Miss Grey, so sorry to have to do this the way we have. But I have a serious mission for you, one that you cannot take lightly. My nephew Ace, his parents have just been targeted, I need you to watch over him. He is naive, doesn't know about the world around him, about what his parents have gotten him into.

You are to keep him at your house. We have arranged it with your parents, they have been told that he is an exchange student from California and they are happy to have him.

But we need you to look out for him at school, be his best friend and body guard. If he gets injured, you will pay."

Its him, the man I have joked with for so many years. The one that gives me my missions and my pay check. He's here and standing right in front of me, yet I cannot see him. He has put a blindfold over my eyes. But I can smell his cologne and hear the unevenness of his breath. This kid has really got him flustered.

"Name and age" You don't ask questions with a man like this, that is one thing I have learnt about him.

"Ace Hains. He's seventeen, same as you. He will be in all of your classes. Do not tell him what is going on, he cannot know. He thinks he is really going on exchange, poor boy."

"Tell me something, you have a nephew, that means you have a brother or sister old enough to have a seventeen year old kid. You don't sound old, what are you twenty?" Stuff my questions rule, I was curious.

"twenty two. My sister is a lot older than me."

I scoffed "obviously."

"Look after him Grey, don't let me down"

"When have I ever?"

I wake up next to the same tree that I blacked out next to, in my hand was a large envelope. Larger than normal. I shoved it into my pockets

When I got home, mum was waiting for me at the door. 

"Sweetheart we have amazing news! We weren’t going to tell you until it was all planned and ready but we're hosting an exchange student! Remember how when you were little you always wanted to have a kid your age from a different country stay with us? Well now its happening!"

If I hadn’t known what she was talking about the first half of that ramble would have sounded like she was pregnant. Thank god she’s not. 

"Oh thats great mum! When are they coming?" 

'His name is Ace and he's coming this weekend so you better be home Missy" She looked so happy to know that we were going to have a strange hormonal teenage boy stay in our home.

After mother had calmed down and I said a quick hello to John, I went up to my bedroom to open the envelope. 



I guess we'll be seeing each other a fair bit now, don’t worry you wont be blindfolded anymore. Ace is staying with you and I want a report in person every three days. I need to know who his friends are and who talks to him. Even who looks at him the wrong way. 

There is money in the envelope to help pay for his staying with you. I realise that you do not have all that much money so there is enough to keep him and yourselves quite comfortable for at least half the year, if things have not quietened down by then or you for some reason run out, tell me and I will give you more. 

Ace gets to you on Saturday, our first meeting will be on monday just to see how he is getting on and then we will meet every third day. 

Thank you. 


I look into the envelope to see a wad of cash with a white piece of paper around it that had £10,000. How the hell were we going to run out? Thats so much, either this guy lives like a prince or He just wants him to live comfortably.... My bets on the first one. 

If anything was going to come out of this, it may as well be the money. 

At least I finally know what His name is. Mason, he doesn’t really sound like a Mason...

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