Holland Welsh is special. No one really knows who she is and what she does in her spare time, all they know is that she randomly leaves class and doesn't come back until the next day and that she loves gym class. Holland id incredibly smart and good at basically everything, it's a pity really that no body notices her.

Holland Welsh is a slightly above average girl with one very strange secret.

Can one boy change all that? One certain boy; Mitch Henderson, is it possible that he could change everything? Or will he end up like all the others, collateral damage?


2. Introducing Holland

*Hey everyone (well the people that actually read this) So this story is probably going to be a bit slow moving for the first little while so if you are reading this -and hopefully some people are- please stick with it, it will move faster in the future and its a little short but hopefully the chapters will be longer later on!
Please vote, comment on ways to improve or on what you liked about it, heck, even what you didn’t like about it! I would really appreciate it and hopefully it would make my story better! 

Thanks everyone! :) 


My life in a nut shell: totally not average.

My name is Holland Walsh, I am 17. I live with my step father, John and my mother Emily. Neither of them know what I do in my spare time and Id like to keep it that way, they don't need to know how the extra money gets into their account each month. Sometimes I think that they think I'm selling myself, but I guess in a way, I am. 

I have long brown hair that is up in a messy bun on schooldays and in a long braid down my back the rest of the time. For what I do, you need the hair away from your face, distractions can cost lives. My eyes are weird, they changed sometime ago. They used to be a very dark brown, both of them, but when I finished my training and became independent (which was about 4 years ago?) they injected me with a serum. Apparently what happened to me was not normal, it was suppose to enhance my senses, and it did, but what it wasn't suppose to do, was change my eye colour. Only one of my eyes changed, at first it was a very light grey -which is where I get my name from- but as time progressed, it went to a very very light purplish white. From then on the company has provided me with contact lenses that are the exact same colour as my brown eye. I am very grateful for that. 

My missions are complex and sophisticated, they would only entrust me with these tasks. Why would they entrust a 13 year old girl with their hardest missions? Because I was the most highly trained Lander they had. Thats what they call us, Landers. They call us that because we fight and work on the ground, or land. Its the same with Flyers, because they work with planes and in the air. 

I have never met the man that give me my orders. All I know is that he is a he, and that I can't say no to his voice. As far as I know, he knows nothing about me, he just refers to me as Grey. Most people in the company do. They don't know my real name. We are required to wear a mask wherever we go, even in the compound, confidentiality and all. My mask is a dark grey with a hole in the back for my braid. Everyone has their own mask, thats how we tell who they are. 

Every once in a while we get an assignment, some more serious and threatening than others. We do what we have to do to save the city and what-not. We do it for the people that we love and the people that live around us. We keep them safe without them even knowing. 

Sometimes, its hard to explain the marks and bruises but I just say I fell down or ran into a pole. For someone with above average coordination, I sure run into things a lot. 

I go to Woodcroft High where I sit in the background. A quiet achiever. Only in gym class do I stand out, in gym, people want me on their teams. I don’t blame them.  

I have few friends; Max, Amillya and George. Amillya is a short petite girl with stunning blond hair and blue eyes to match, she's 'out there' and fun loving. Amillya is carefree and everything that I want to be. Sometimes I fell a little jealous of her, she’s so free. But I guess I like my life the way it is, Im very privileged. 

Max is your typical nerdy guy, with one difference. Max has dark brown hair thats swept up on his head in a very stylish way, it always seems messy yet very well placed. He has large thick framed glasses that frame his dark brown eyes very very well. He is great at all his classes and is not very well known in the school. His one difference to all the other nerds out there is that this guy, this friend of mine, he has one freaking amazing body. He hides it very well but boy is it nice. Don’t get the wrong idea here, I love him sure, but as a friend. We've grown up together, we're basically siblings. Max also lives next door to me.

Last but certainly not least is George, Amillya's boyfriend. We have also been friends for a very long time, ever since he and Amillya started dating 3 years ago. He has dirty blond hair with dull green eyes. He was your typical hipster-type, which suited him well. Theres not really much to say about George, he's your typical fun-loving, carefree guy. He's perfect for Amillya and its clear that he loves her as much as she loves him. 

That basically sums up my life to an extent where there is still a small element of mystery. 

My name is Holland Louise Walsh. I am 17.

I live with my mother Emily and her partner John.

I have three best friends; Amillya, George and Max.

Amillya and George have been together for 3 years.

I have one dark brown eye and one very light purple.

My hair is long, strait and brown.

I have one hell of a secret.

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