I want YOU

Taylor green was a popular girl at Stratford High untill a boy called Justin Beiber started at the school. All Taylor's attention had turned to Justin. Soon the two had a 'thing' for each other. They went on dates and then their love started showing.


6. Will you Love me?



It was 10:45pm and Justin and I were watching go girl. Only because it is my favourite movie. I like Justin a lot he's real nice. That probably sounds so cheesy, but it's true. "baby, you don't mind if I go make some popcorn for us do you?" I love Justin's voice and his desperation for things it's like if he wants something he'll get it. "no it's okay do you want me to help you with it?" "no stay in your seat my darling haha." he is do gorgeous and that laugh, that laugh gives me goose bumps.


As soon as I heard a bang I went running down stairs. "um... I broke a bowl..." Justin seemed scared but truth is I didn't even give a shit. "it's okay," I said giggling "ii'l get a dust pan" I had finaly finished sweeping the broken Bowen and the popcorn was also ready. Justin sat down and I sat on his lap. I kissed him and he kissed me back those lips were so soft like a tissue. Soon enough Justin asked for permission liking my bottom lip. I agreed and out tounges were sliding on each other it felt good. Justin put his hands on my boobs and gently squeezed. "hua hua uhhhh." I was moaning. The popcorn that was beside my feet got kicked off and judging was kissing my neck and chest again.  

After a long night of kidding and squeezing we went to my bedroom to sleep.

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