I want YOU

Taylor green was a popular girl at Stratford High untill a boy called Justin Beiber started at the school. All Taylor's attention had turned to Justin. Soon the two had a 'thing' for each other. They went on dates and then their love started showing.


21. Thought of you

"hello Queensland! I'm gonna start of with a song I wrote about someone berry special to me! Here we go!" the crowd cheered as I danced to the extra added in intro. "Girl I've been fooled by your smile
I was mistaken by the way you loved me
We led it straight for a while, yeah
But you deceived me, you convinced me, yeah

So clear to me now, can't explain what you're doing to me, yeah
I'd leave but I don't know how
It's gon' take some time
But I'll figure it out

Why should we fight the feeling
Let's just live in the moment
Though it's infatuation
I'm good with that

Cause I'm in love with the thought of you
With the thought of you, with the thought of you
I'm in love with the thought of you
Not the things you do, but the thought of you
Girl, I'm in love with the thought of you, you, you
Girl, I'm in love with the thought of you, you, you
Love with the thought of you. Taylor May Green if your out their this song side dictated to you!" I was scared on stage I didn't like feeling, although I enjoyed performing. When the concert ended Tay was standing in my dressing room with a box of chocolate. "Justin! You were amazing!" she jagged me then handed the box of chocolates. We kissed but only a quick peck. "I love you baby, I declare my love for you!" 


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