I want YOU

Taylor green was a popular girl at Stratford High untill a boy called Justin Beiber started at the school. All Taylor's attention had turned to Justin. Soon the two had a 'thing' for each other. They went on dates and then their love started showing.


1. Prologue

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The sound of my alarm clock had awoken me from a deep slep about a boy. I had never seen him before, he was beautiful. He had honey brown eyes that shined so perfectly, perfectly shaped light pink lips and brown hair that was not light or dark.


I decided to have a shower because I felt disgusting like I'd just had a sex dream but I couldn't remember what happened in my dream all that I could remember was his face.


"darling", I heard my dad call me from the kitchen, "your breakfast is ready". "okay" I yelled from the bathroom naked. I started the shower and jumped in. It was nice and hot just how I like them. After I had got out I blow dried my hair and straightened it. I went to my room with a towel still wrapped arround me. I go out a mini black skirt that as loose around my legs and a hot pink belly top that showed my newly peirced belly button. I went down the stairs to get my coco pops which were now soggy from sitting for too long while I was getting changed. 

"I'm going now daddy. Love you" I said as he kissed my hair. "have a fun first day Taylor" I walked out the doo, grabbed my black Doc Martin's and dropped myself into my new Chevy that I got for my birthday only a week ago. I did my makeu in the car while I was sitting at the red lights.



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