I want YOU

Taylor green was a popular girl at Stratford High untill a boy called Justin Beiber started at the school. All Taylor's attention had turned to Justin. Soon the two had a 'thing' for each other. They went on dates and then their love started showing.


25. Please don't go

It was all my fault.

I got her pregnant.

Shes only 18 years old.

The girl is gone somewhere.

My girl has gone missing.

"knock knock knock". I went to the door hoping it was Taylor coming back to me. "hello I am officer Tate, and I am guessing you have some relation to Taylor Green?" the police asked, "uh yeah, I do. Do you know where she is!?!" I asked with relief. "well I sure do sir, but she is not in the best condition."  I was frustrated. Where is she? "where is she?" I asked. "she is in hospital, he was in a car crash, the tests show she was depressed about something." the officer was speaking fast. I must if had one of those looks of my face in anger and desperation. "take me to her." I demanded. "yes sir, hop into the cop car" I hot in and sped down to the local hospital. The officer went to the reception and asked for Taylor Green. "room 13 western warde" the nurse said. We ran to the lift. And pushed in the button for western ward. A tear fell from my eye, "are you okay?" he asked. "I never got to tell her. How much that I love her. But now she is either blessed or cursed with a child." I told the police.  The lift doors opened sending me to the room Taylor was inside. Iran as fast as I could and saw her there. She was lying still, bruised, cut, graised. That girl looked dead. No Justin she's okay. She'll be fine. Keep it together. I put my arm arround the back of her neck and lifted her light, floppy body. "Taylor? Stay with me. Please stay with me, Taylor, baby I love you." I kissed her on the hair. Her doctor, Dr. Smith, came into the room, "Sir, I need you to leave the hospital, visitor hours are finished, they finish at 9:00. I looked at the clock it was now 9:30. "okay" I gave Taylor one last kiss, "I love you" I said and left the room.

I have a gig tonight and I am supposed to sing my debu single All That Matters. It was for Teen Choice Award. "please welcom on stage Justin Bieber!" the announcer claimed. She walked off. "as you guys all proberly know, I am in a relationship with a girl called Taylor. The police told me that last night he was in a car accident ," everyone awed, a tear fell from my eye, " I would like to sing a song dedicated to her." everyone cheered. "it's c-alled... Um, sorry," I broke down in tears , my mom came running on stage, she put her arms around me. I put my head into her shoulder and cried my eyes out. "bub it's okay you can do this" I pulled myself togethe and gave her a kiss on the cheek. 

"this song is dedicated to Taylor: best friend by Jason Chen.

"Do you remember when I said I'd always be there.
Ever since we were ten, baby.
When we were out on the playground playing pretend.
Didn't know it back then.

Now I realize you were the only one
It's never too late to show it.
Grow old together,
Have feelings we had before
Back when we were so innocent

I pray for all your love
Girl our love is so unreal
I just wanna reach and touch you, squeeze you, somebody pinch me
This is something like a movie
And I dont know how it ends girl
But I fell in love with my Best Friend"

I couldn't believe I got the words out, inside their was a storm building up and I was trying not to l let it out. I sang the rest of the song and some even sang along with me. "let's give it up for Justin Bieber!" they all cheered as I walked off.i ran straight to my mom and cried with her as she was crying because I was. It's difficult. "do you want to go he get some rest and then tomorrow we can go see Tayor?" I just nodded if I said anything my eyes would just ball. That night I could only think about the first time I properly met her, back at Strattford high. Myself, Chaz and Ryan were hanging at the mall and she came along aswell. The guys had to go, therefor Taylor and I were by ourselves. That was the first time I ever took interest in her amazing looks. We talked in the food court at a table eating Starbucks for about 3 hours. I talked about my old school and she talked about her past. She was the only person that I had told I was a singer. Then the first time I went to her house was also stuck in my head. Oh how I couldn't wit to see her face tomorrow. My mom had stayed the night with me to keep me company. She was cuddling me in a comforting way. My mum is really nice.


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