I want YOU

Taylor green was a popular girl at Stratford High untill a boy called Justin Beiber started at the school. All Taylor's attention had turned to Justin. Soon the two had a 'thing' for each other. They went on dates and then their love started showing.


27. Fun day out



It was my first day out of hospital after 3 days. Justin decided to take me out it was so romantic. "where do you want to go? Baby." he asked "to the zoo" I said giggling. I absolutely love animals and I've always wanted to go to the Zoo but Justy thinks its for Babies. "it's for babies though" he whined, "I thought I was you baby though?" I did a cheeky laugh. "you are a sexy beast!" that was kind of weird what he said put to make him happy I just smiled. We put my wheelchair in the back of the Chev and he carried me in the ute. I was sore very sore my wrist had a cast on it and so did my leg. I broke the knuckle in my wrist and and snapped my left thigh bone. It took a while to get to the city, where the Zoo was. I had a nana nap along the way. When we parked the it's, Justin got my wheelchair out of the back, unfolded it and placed me in it. He wheeled me to the reception. "hello how are you today?" the receptionist asked, "good," Justin said. "just the 2 of you?" she asked. "yeah thanks" Justin got his money out. "that'll be $80 thanks." she said Justin gave the money and she gave the wristbands.  "where to first?" I asked, "to the car... I'm only joking" Justin said. His jokes were funny and kinda mean- in a polite way though. "let's go see the monkeys?" I offered. "sure." he wheeled me down to them. I was really relatable they just swing from branch to branch so happy. I am not saying I swing from beach to branch, I'm saying I'm always happy. "they're do cute Taylor". "I know right! Haha" we then went to the polar bears, the mother was pregnant. "awh look Justy she's pregnant, like I thought I was." we both laughed. We looked at the; gorillas, giraffes, penguins, armadillos, tigers, lions, snakes, zebras and the nursery where all the babies were. It was a realy fun day and braught happiness to me and I forgot about the pain and the hospital. It was a good day. "I'm tired Justin can we go home?" I asked. I was realy tired. "yeah sure we can". We walked to the ute. Justin carried me in and put the chair in the back. I slept in the car again. It felt like it had been forever when we finaly got back to the hospital.  Justin parked his 1976 Chev ute and helped me out. He wheeled me into the hospital and notified the nurse at the reception that we're back. "let's take the lift. It will be eiser." I told Justin, he wouldn't have to carry me up a shit load of stairs. We went back to my room. They let me eat 'the best hospital food out'. NOT. "how's your dinner babe?" Justin asked. "GREAT!" I said sarcasticly with a disgusted face. "Mr Bieber visiting hours are over" I kissed Taylor on the lips and she kissed back. "bye Justi I love you." I was going to miss him. "bye. Love you too." 

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