I want YOU

Taylor green was a popular girl at Stratford High untill a boy called Justin Beiber started at the school. All Taylor's attention had turned to Justin. Soon the two had a 'thing' for each other. They went on dates and then their love started showing.


26. Back to the hospital

I  woke up early this morning. 1) because I couldn't sleep and I kept thinking about Taylor and how she's feeling, and 2) because I can't wait to go see Taylor. I went running down stairs. I didn't know if I was upset or exited, I was lost without Taylor. Mum wasn't in my room so I just assumed she was down stairs. "Justin I made you your favorite, eggs and bacon on toast." Mmmm bacon. I could never be a vego nor a vegan. "thanks !" I yelled while coming down stairs. I had already got dressed in my Head sweater, that Tay had once worn, Addidas trackies and while Nike sneakers. How good was the eggs I tell you. "mum I'm going down to the hospital now. Okay?" it wasn't really a question it was more of a statement with a polite okay at the end."I'll come down later." she kissed me on the head and hugged me, "send Taylor my love." I grabbed my car keys and walked out the front door. I didn't want to arrive in a fancy car because it just didn't suit the occasion. I got into my blue Chev ute. I drove as quick as I could without speeding and going over the 80 limit. When I arrived at the hospital it was 8:50 and visiting hours were 9am to 9pm. Could they not open the door atleast 10 minuets earlier. Anyways I got back into my ute and turned the radio on. It was the morning news. "Justin Bieber breaks down on stage. It was the Teen choice awards and Justin was supposed to play his debu single, instead he sang a song best friend by Jason Chen and dedicated it to his lover which at this point the pap or anyone don't know about. " the news reported had a slight giggle in her voice. This was not a laughing matter. I turned the radio off and instead closed my eyes and imagined Taylor. Oh how beautiful she was. It was 9:01 when I checked the clock inside my ute. I  got out locked my ute and put the keys in my pack pocket. One of the nurses was their opening the door when I was standing and waiting, she seemed nice enough to smile. A guy came out from his car. I think he was from Texas he had a strong accent. "howdy doddy." he called at me. I nodded my head because I didn't know what to say back to him. "my daughter is sick, badly. I haven't seen her in ages ever since she moved over here to come to school. Then apparently she god a boyfriend and hell knows what they're up to. I heard she got in a car accident." he looked farmiliar buy I have no idea where from. "my girlfriend is in hospital same reason" I replied back. I walked into the hospital and knew exactly where her room was, so I walked their. The Texas guy walked the opposite was, god lord I thank you that wasn't her dad. Taylor's room was shut. I unlocked it and saw Taylor their sitting up straight watching the news I heard in my ute. "Justin?" she called, "oh my gosh! I've missed you so much!" she looked fine although her scratches and bruises show she's been hurt. I knelt down to kiss her, when I head a voice. "Taylor? Is that you?" it sounded like the man I was talking to out front. "daddy!" Taylor cried. I moved out the way to give them some space. Yep it was her dad I was wrong. "daddy this is my boyfriend, Justin." we shook hands. "I'm Taylor's dad, hunter. Nice to meet you again"  nah dur your her dad. "I'm Justin nice to meet you too." it was so awkward I couldn't be mysel anymore. "mr Bieber?" one of the doctors, Dr Smith, called. I wales outside the room, closing the door behind me. "we did some tests on Taylor she's fine. She has only got a broken wrist and leg, she should be out of here in no time." he seemed happy to have her out soon...? "thank you" I didn't know what to say. I turned around and walked back in, "oh and bieber , about the baby thing, she's not pregnant! I've already told Taylor." I had an instant feeling of relief. I went back into the room. "well I have to go back home darlin'" Taylor's dad said. And he left shaking my hand. I quickly ran to Tay and kissed her. Her lipsstillfelt the same- beautiful. "I love you" I exclaimed. "do you wanna go out for the day?" I asked "YES!" she said. We order the nurse for a wheel chair to take Taylor out in. And off we went like a lightning bolt.

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