Can We Try Again?

Sequel to As Long As You Love Me


8. Chapter 8.

Michael's POV:

Zoe is actually back and I'm happy and so will her family. I was just watching Zoe sleep next to me and thinking about our future together. I hope to get married to her and have kids just like before.

''I can feel you staring Michael'' Zoe said.

''I can't help but to look at a beauty right in front of me'' I said and she blushed.

''I'm not that beautiful Michael'' Zoe said.

''you are very beautiful'' I replied and she blushed again.

''so what do you want to do today?'' I asked her.

''If it is alright I want to see my family'' she replied.

''of course it is alright babe. do you want me to go with you?'' I asked.

''If you want that way we can tell them that we are back together'' she replied and I nodded. We both got dressed and headed to her parents house.

Zoe's POV:

When we arrived at my parents house my little sister came out and hugged me.

''I missed you Zoe'' she said.

''I missed you too Bella'' I replied. And then she went over to Michael and said she missed him as well and then we walked inside.

''Mum, Dad I'm back with Michael'' I yelled.

''In the kitchen dear'' my mum yelled back. We walked in the kitchen.

''Darling I have missed you so much'' my mother said.

''I missed you two ma'' I replied.

''baby girl I missed you as well'' my dad said.

''I missed you two. I missed all of you'' I replied and hugged all of my family.

''So are you and Michael back together?'' Bella asked.

''Yes we are'' Michael said.

''good because I like him'' she replied and we chuckled. We talked for a bit longer before I ran to the bathroom and vomited. Then I heard a knock.

''Zoe sweetie it's mum are you alright?'' she asked.

''just feeling a bit sick. I'll be out in a minute'' I replied.

''ok baby'' she said and left. then I went down stairs with everyone else and Michael gave me a worried look when I sat down next to him. I gave him a reassuring look and went back to the conversation with my parents.

Hours later Michael and I decided to go home and as soon as I walked into the door I ran to the bathroom again.

''Babe are you ok?'' Michael asked.

''yea just feeling sick'' I replied.

''are you sure?'' Michael asked.

''Yea i'll be out shortly'' I replied and he walked away. Shortly after that I saw pads sitting on the counter and I was wondering when the last time I had my period.

''MICHAEL'' I screamed so he could hear me.

I heard him run down the stairs and he opened the door.

''What's wrong?'' he asked.

''when was the last time I was moody?'' I asked.

''Before the you moved here. Niall told me you were moody. Why?'' he asked and then it clicked I could be pregnant.

''Can you run down to the shops and get  a pregnancy test please?'' I asked him.

''do you think that you are?'' he replied.

''that is why im sending you to get one babe'' I said and he ran for the car and I just laughed at his reaction.


A/N: Hey guys sorry for the late update but here is a short chapter and im currently working on the next. Do you think Zoe is  pregnant or could it be food poisoning?

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