Can We Try Again?

Sequel to As Long As You Love Me


9. 9.

Michaels POV:

When Zoe yelled my name I thought she was hurt but when she asked me to get her a pregnancy test I was so exited that I might be a father. I got to the store and to the section of the girly things and saw so many pregnancy test so I grabbed two different ones and the left and headed back to Zoe.

''Babe I'm back'' I said and she came running towards me.

''here you go I didn't know what type to get so I got these'' I said and showed her and she took them both and ran to the bathroom.

Zoe's POV:

As soon as Michael came back I ran towards him and took the tests off him and sprinted towards the bathroom. when I closed the door I ripped both boxes open and one by one peed on them. I have to wait 10 minutes so I went towards Michael.

''So are you pregnant?'' he asked.

''I'm not sure I have to wait 10 minutes'' I replied.

''alright'' he said.

After 10 minutes I dragged Michael to the bathroom and looked at the tests. Both positive.

''Michael guess what?'' I asked.

''am I going to be a dad?'' he asked.

''yes'' I replied. Michael had a shock and happy look on his face.

''Oh My God I'm going to be a father'' he shouted and I laughed. He picked me up and spun me around.

''we are going to be parents'' he said.

''yes we are'' I said and by this time I had happy tears running down my face.

shortly after we went to bed.

''Who will we tell first?'' Michael asked.

''about that. Um could we only tell the boys, Amy and our parents?'' I asked him.

''yes but why?'' he replied.

''because I don't want the press to find out because with us being famous they wont leave us alone'' I said.

''I agree'' he replied.

''good night babe'' I said.

''Night babe'' he said to me.

''Night my little baby'' he said to my belly which I find cute.

*The Next Day* (Still Zoe's POV:)

I woke up the next morning and threw up again. This pregnancy will kill me I swear to god. after I was finished in the bathroom I walked into Michael and my room and woke him up by crawling on top of him.

''wakey, wakey babe'' I said to him and he woke up.

''morning babe'' he replied and kissed me on the lips.

''is their anything you would like for breakfast?'' I asked him.

''I'm fine with anything babe'' He replied.

''Alright go have a shower and i'll make breakfast'' I said to him.

''alright but tomorrow I'm making you breakfast'' he said.

''I like that idea'' I said and kissed him and then I got off him. And headed down to the kitchen and turned on the Television and made breakfast for Michael and myself.

''Something smells good in here babe'' Michael said.

''thanks hun'' I replied and served choc-chip pancakes, scrambled eggs with toast and orange juice. After breakfast I was about to clean up when Michael stopped me.

''let me clean up and you go take a shower and them we can head to Luke and Calum's place and tell everyone about baby junior'' Michael said.

''alright'' I replied and went upstairs and undressed myself. I looked in my mirror and slightly rubbed my belly.

''I promise I will take good care of you little one'' I said to it and then got in the shower. After my shower I got changed and we then left.

*20 minutes later*

we have just arrived at Calum's and Luke's place and walked in to be greeted by everyone.

''Guys we have some big news to tell you'' Michael said.

''wait are you two engaged?'' Luke asked.

''No'' I said.

''ok then what is the great news?'' Amy asked.

''we are having a baby'' I said and that instant Amy screamed with excitement and ran over to hug me.

''I'm happy for you two'' Amy said.

''Thank you'' I replied.

''Congratulations Guys'' Everyone said at the same time.

then we sat down for lunch and then we left and headed to Michael's parents house.

''Hey Michael. Hey Zoe'' his mum Karen said.

''Hey mum'' Michael said.

''Hi Karen'' I replied.

''please come in and call me mum Zoe'' Karen said.

''Thank you'' I replied and stepped into the house and into the living room where Daryl (Michael's Dad) was reading the news paper.

''Hello son. Hello Zoe'' Daryl said.

''Hey Dad'' Michael said.

''Hi Mr Clifford'' I replied.

''Sweetie call me Daryl'' he said.

''ok'' I replied.

''Mum, Dad can you sit down please'' Michael said and they did.

''is everything ok?'' Karen asked.

''Everything is fine mum but we are having a baby'' Michael said.

''Congratulations Zoe'' Karen said as she came over and hugged me.

''Thank you'' I replied.

''Congratulations Son'' Daryl said to Michael.

after a while it was now 4:30 and we are headed to my parents place to tell them.

''Hey Mum, Hey Dad'' I said.

''Hey guys'' My dad said.

''Hey my beautiful daughter and Michael'' Mum said.

''hey Tina and Glen'' Michael said.

''Michael and I have something to tell you'' I said as soon as we sat down.

''Your engaged?'' My mum said.

''Why has everyone said that today? and no!'' I said.

''It's the first thing that popped into my head anyway what is it?'' my mum asked.

''You will be a grandma and dad will be a grandpa in nine months'' I said.

''oh my god honey that is really good. I'm proud of the both of you'' My mum said trying not to get all teary.

''congratulations baby girl'' my dad said and they both hugged me before Michael joined the group hug.

When my siblings got home we told them and Bella was super exited about being an Aunty. Then we went home because I was tired.

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